Almeida's 50 days analysis (or how I see the game right now)

So, after reading this thread below

I promised I’d do one of mine every 50 days, so here it is, my first 50 days, and how I analyse them.

I’ll use @JonahTheBard’s structure, for it’s a nice one.

Firstly, I’m not strictly F2P, I’m C2P (Cheap to Play), at least for now. When I found out about the game, I found out one of my prepaid cards had 17 USD in them, so I got 3 months of VIP. Mostly, I get things from VIP, although I scrapped two other cards and got the Starter’s Pack and one 200-gem pack.

That was what I spent up to know. I wanted to spend money to get into the Guardians Banner, but I couldn’t muster the money, because I’ll get paid in about a week from now. That means I’ll probably put money in 2800 gems for the Knights of Avalon one. My intention is to every three months or so, to spend the money in 2800 gems. I was also really enticed by the Summer Pack, so I know I’ll save money for the Winter Pack, because the value is good.


I like Raiding a lot. I even started a series on YouTube, called “Empires and Puzzles - Road to Good” (hit like and subscribe lol) where I put my Raids in my Road to Good. I know I still have a lot to learn, but by looking at my first few videos, I see how much I’ve improved.

Goals in this game

Subsection here. I have some short, mid and long-term goals for myself. When I first saw this game, I was reminded of Puzzle Quest, one of my favorite DS and PS2 games, and that made me want to become really good. I’m a competitive player of Fire Emblem Heroes, and I was getting bored of a puzzle game I was playing with wifey, Toy Blast (got bored of Candy Crush a long time ago).

My short-term goal (6 months) is to get into the top 100 in my country (Brazil). Currently, the range for top 100 ranges around mid 2450’s.

My midterm goal (1 year or so) is to get into top 10 in my country. The range for top 10 is over 2580 trophies. 10th place in Brazil is currently 800th in the World, so as a side-effect, my secondary midterm goal is to get under top 1k in the world.

My long-term goal is to eventually be able to compete for top 50, maybe top 10. Since I want to play this game for a long time (I’m ready for all the walls and boring parts of it), and I generally take things seriously, I believe I’ll be able to do it.

I have a collective long-term goal, that’s to put my alliance in the top 100 of the world. I love the one I’m in, and I really hope I don’t ever need to switch. I put my brother and sister there, and I believe we can achieve this goal together.


This is the elephant in the room. Wars are still not perfect, but we do our best to enjoy them and make them as close as we can, when we’re outmatched, and to win when we are evenly paired. We won 5 of the last 6 where we were fairly matched. Keep improving Wars, devs.


Nah, meh. I still haven’t finished story, but it’s not the cream of the crop. Hope S2 has a better story. For now, Story stages are what I look into to farm, and that’s that.

Is SG a corrupt evil overlord?

Come on now. Read my topic on Gacha and you’ll see my point.


You are awesome guys, love most of you. Not you, whiners. I don’t like you. People who insist at playing a game they no longer like, or even worse, have already stopped playing, but insist on coming here to complain about the game, they don’t deserve my love.

My current gamestate:

Best team at the moment:


Thanks for reading. I’ll be back in 50 days.


Cool analysis!
Also, is nice to see some fellow brazilians like myself aiming to get better at the game and wanting to climb in the rankings

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Eevee is better than Flareon, sorry. I’ll be higher than you xD

Jokes aside, yeah, nice to see more new players from Brazil. Let’s storm that ladder.

That was an enjoyable read :smile:.

I find it interesting that we started around the same time, as I am on day 58 or so and we are on the same level (25). I’ve had worse luck on pulling heroes (zero 5*, no purple or yellow 4*), but was able to get 3 different 4* troops. Not that I could do much with a 5* hero yet, as I would still be waiting on ascension items! I have the materials to ascend Little John or Kashhrek to 4th tier, as well as a non-existent yellow, but am holding off for better options. I saved gems for a guardians 10x pull that was okay, but could have been better.

My favorite base to run on offense for what I have leveled is:
Brienne-Grimm-Little John-Kelile-(Bane/Hawkmoon/Tyrum)

It looks like you’ve been leveling your Barracks, as I’ve ignored mine to find my way to TC20 ASAP. I’ve got it to 16 and will start the upgrade to 17 soon.

Anyways, hopefully we’re both still around for the day 100 update. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be looking forward to comparing our stats again :stuck_out_tongue:


I like your goals list. I enjoyed reading this; can’t wait to compare the next fifty days :smile:

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Good read and looks like you are progressing along nicely. Our view of patience on game such as this is very similar.

  1. I started playing about a few months before you. So I am already running my first TC20 for a week and is working on getting the second one running.
  2. I might be even more of a C2P than you are. Spent only $0.99 on this game, and it wasn’t even my money to begin with.
  3. I don’t have large, aspiring goals like you’ve set for yourself or your alliance. My play style is really the silent warrior that actually don’t mind monotonous things days in and out (farm monster chests, kill Titan, fill Titan Chest, Mystic Vision, improve heroes by TCs and summons). I am satisfied just to see heroes on my roster grow just a little each day (in XP, level or their Special Skills).
  4. I don’t raid unless the story progression tells me to and don’t even bother joining the Thor’s Revengers.
  5. I recently left the only alliance I have joined since started playing to start my own because I can’t do much to help when there is inactive leadership.
  6. I don’t like the way the Wars are now and nor do my alliance pals that came with me. So the first thing I did was to Opt out Wars and just focus on Titans.
  7. I probably won’t spend any money on gems or offers in the future and will just see where each new day on the TCs take me. Now if that no spending gets me flagged by the game and will continue to bestow upon me with below average luck of the draw, then so be it… Jedi.
  8. Finally, I guess if anyone asks me why I still play this game and asks me what I want to get out of it. I would tell them, because there are already spenders out there. I want to see how much or far $0.99 takes me. Who knows, at the rate I am playing, maybe one day SGG will stop supporting E&P and move onto something else, and I will still have things that I haven’t done in the game (namely just completely leveling all the heroes I accumulated in my roster).

Looking forward to read your 100 day progress report. @Almeida

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Very nice and refreshing. I love seeing post like this. Almost as I love informative post. I don’t dislike whiners but reading posts like that makes the troll come out and I look back and don’t like that. 50 days is enough time to have a good understanding of the game but I have played longer and still find nuggets of info. This forum is full of advise and good stratagys. If you ever have questions that your alliance can’t answer this is the manual.

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Great thread @almeida and it puts a spring in my step to know other people approach the game with perspective and patience, both you and many of the respondents.

Perhaps one day we shall cross swords in the arena or meet on the battlefield?

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Your spending plan needs to be sharpened up. The 2800 gem offer in the gem shop is sub-optimal.

There will be two separate offers coming that are better for you. The 5x 200gems is five separate offers one right after the other which is half the gem store’s best offer. Then, there is the usd19.99 offer that has 2000 gems plus ascension mats, coins and craft stuff. This is a better use of your funds.


Thanks, I’ll be paying attention to them, but my plan will have to wait. I did some math and it’d be irresponsible now to spend on the game. I’ll keep powering my SH and TC and spend on VIP alone for now. I’ll probably wait until November or December to spend, because I’ll save a little money every month instead of taking money from home.

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Cool. Watch the monthly offers. The calendar offers of the same size may differ in what is offered along with the gems, but the monthly are better priced for gems if that is priority.

Good luck.

Glad to have more brazilians participating and contributing here! Looking forward to day 100.

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