Ally kick out button

Dear all, I have the urge of sharing the pain that the kick out button causes ( especially when not deserved). I have fought all my life for a polite world where people may kindly ask without ever having to be rude. I would suggest Developers to find a more" polite" way to have someone , who is obviously not desired, to leave the alliance in an alternative way other than just being kicked out …even without a plausible explanation. It could be a good example to give to the community demonstrating that being kind is always, even in a game, a preferable behaviour. Having the opportunity of kicking someone out ( how terrible could his/her behaviour may be? ) I think is the worst way to give power to repressed and frustrated people who react and use it without thinking that in doing so , they may hurt someone’s feelings . The only reason why I would see it sensible is when a person has been un active for some time…otherwise why not talk about it…and ask?!

Moving this to the main forums—this isn’t a beta issue.

I don’t see a practical idea in your post. In the end, alliance leadership makes a decision and acts on that choice. The person getting the boot doesn’t get a vote.

What I do think would be good is to have a text box the leader could use to explain why the player was expelled. Once booted, the player can’t see alliance chat where some discussion may have occurred.


Did you get kicked out of an alliance in an unfriendly way?

I like your attitude about politeness and kindness :blush:

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He just needs a safe space. Unlike university campuses real life doesn’t mind hurting his feelings lol.

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If you were booted for no reason, then be glad you are rid of that alliance! There are plenty of others out there that appreciate active members. Our rules for dismissal are clearly explained to each new member, who are, thankfully, few and far between because we don’t do stupid things, like arbitrarily kick good people.


I was hoping, that a player to player chat is in order. This way you could explain your actions to a a person privately and the person getting kicked or leaving doesn’t leave with bad blood. It will of course have other obvious benefits.

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I obviously totally disagre and find your attitude quite rude as well …strong players, who also usually have leaderships in allies…should be a model role to others…and beta players are all strong players in those position…no wonder…the majority of people does not know what being polite means…

I am also all for kindness, but leadership needs to be able to kick people. I agree with the post above that when a leader kicks another member, the person doing the kicking should be able to send a private message explaining the reason.

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Ideally, when you kick someone from an Alliance you should be prompted for a reason. The reason must be delivered to an expelled person. But game doesn’t have means for this. Even if a leader posted a reason in an Alliance chat kicked person wouldn’t read it.
I can imagine that Inbox should be used for this, once private messaging is not planned.

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I’m sorry my reply read to,you as rude. I’m just trying to think what practical solution you are proposing here. Are you asking that alliances have no way to remove a member? I.e., the only way alliance membership changes is by voluntary departures?

Allow me to explain why I disagree with that change, if that’s what you’re proposing. My alliance accepted a strong player; he hit well, played strongly. But he was completely foul-mouthed in chat, abusive and mean. He was asked more than a few times to stop, but he didn’t. Two members left rather than read his abusive chat. So our leader booted him. What would you have done? If there wasn’t a means to boot a member, how would you have handled this situation?


I AGREE. A team text box explaining the reason for kicking would be nice. But then again it isn’t necessary. People get kicked for plenty of reasons. Inactivity, lack of participation, not strong enough, make room for someone else. Yes it would be nice to know why you are kicked. But not sure I would wanna see an update used on that as opposed to more game content or bug fixes.

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When things are clearly explained , there is always a margin for comprehension. I am certain now that you didn’t mean to be rude … so peace! Yes… what I am suggesting is that it would be a good idea to explain … sometimes even other members of the alliance do not know if and when something happened and they also would like to have a word on something they might disagree on…

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Just to add to Magnifica’s idea, we all know the reasons are specific for a specific case. It is also true that some people get bored and come back later on, being able to search for your favorite mate in the game and chat with him/her makes perfect sense. In the current game configuration, where multiple players can have the same name, it can be hard. Might require two roll outs at the same time. Exclusivity on name so John 7DD and John Crystal Palace could be the name configurations, with an across the board roll out for a one time, unique name change ability.

Similarly, sending a message to an alliance, where leader and Co Leader(s) receive message and have the ability for it to be replied could also work wonderfully well. An in-game email system should take that long as well.

Also, risking looking like hijacking a topic, I suppose there is a larger issue we are addressing here - what is the relationship between an alliance and its members, and I don’t mean personal, I mean transactional. But I guess, we could discuss it all night long.

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I do believe that this topic could open too many doors…Some of which are not pleasantly faced by people, especially when it comes to a game. I found a wide spread Pontius Pilates behavoiuor : " who cares…how…who treats whom…and why… I just want to play and possibly be at the top" and since, presumption and arrogance find their way to spread around, I believe that even a game could be a proper place to give strong example on how polite people should behave. Communication is the strongest mean and relashionships should always have top priority, players tend to forget that there is a person behind an avatar !

What I’d like to have in an Alliance, is a “black list”, so that once excluded player can’t join it again. If alliance is an open one expelled persons join it back.

Screw kindness, boots for all :metal:

I’m confused for the need of something beyond kicking. Yes a feature where you can add a reason might be nice. There should also be a feature to remove inactive alliance leaders, I’ve seen so many dead alliances and inactives in places of leadership with members of an alliance just hanging around with other players that they like. Something like if the alliance leader is inactive for 10 days you can vote for a new leader with 50% of active members voting etc. As for issues with getting booted? Form your own alliance and you can set the rules. Just because some people are bad leaders doesn’t mean that all people are bad leaders.

I can think of far worse things in life than being randomly kicked out of an alliance in a mobile game.

To me it boils down to:

  • If the alliance was being unreasonable in kicking, then you would not have had a comfortable fit in it in any event
  • If they were justified in kicking, well, then you needed to leave.

I agree with @Kerridoc’s view that there should be a means to post a reason to the person being kicked, but would not like to see any in-game barriers to the activity. It would make management of the alliance simply too hard. I post very clear guidelines to performance in the alliance and give warnings where members are not meeting the bar. Once they meet the criteria for the kick, they are kicked. They’ve had the warning. They know the criteria. (And don’t be tempted to think this makes the alliance cold. The rules are there to be transparent and fair, but all the members actually get on very well and it has a great atmosphere).

Would also like a highjack where we could post directly to a member to question motives behind non-participation. It would have to be flaggable obviously but if a member toggled chat off it does me no good to try to catch them when they are on. Barring a chance to resolve an issue, I’d say kick button is more than appropriate! I did kick one member who came back and has been a better participating member. I would have felt better for sure if I could have told her why and welcomed her back. Open alliances are more forgiving that way.