AllStarHomies, the craziest mix you can find, are RECRUITING

We are a TEAM, looking to build an alliance with hard work, respect, loyalty and consistency.

We are very active, yet chilled!!!
We love the gossip, yet sometimes enjoy the silence !!!
We have a fighting spirit, yet we are peaceful !!!
We are from far away, yet we act like a family !!!

If you wish to join, please read the requirements below:

1st. Have FUN !
2nd. Titan hits is priority
3rd. War hits and at least 4 war teams ready before you participate in war.
4th. Communication, we all have lives and get busy. Just let us know if you are unavailable.
5th. Line app 90% for game communication, learning and development. We have a great collection of resources and information. 10% for banter and holiday photos:)

All we ask is that you participate in titan battles, wars and most importantly, engaging and encouraging your fellow alliance members! Oh and have fun.

We are currently taking on 11 & 12* titans.

And of course you can always contact @Alose for any questions as well, either in this forum or through line, my id is alose88

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Hey, i wanna join! can You send invite?
In-game nick: Zabadaya

Hi there,surely you can join us mate.You can apply to us by searching for “AllStarHomies” at the alliances tab.

Hi! I wanted to join but it’s set on “Invite only”

:zap: Current status: 2 spots open come join us today and have fun together :zap:

:zap:Currently 1 open spot, come be a homie!:zap:

We now find ourselves with 2 open spots available for reliable and strong members. Top 500 Alliance Farming 10-12* Titans

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