Allowing trades

I have an idea maybe would be good for the providers to have a look at it .
Why don’t players get the ability to trades heros or battle items even upgrading items within the same alliance ?
This will help progress in game and gives more chances to all players to be competitive.
Not asking for unlimited trades at all . Maybe one trade for each playet every month . Every player can give away 1 trade abd receive 1 trade every month.
Would be nice to look into this


There are at least a half-dozen threads talking about this idea.

Sadly, I don’t think they’ll go for it. It would open up the floodgates to people selling these items. And believe me, people would pay too…It would get out of control I think…

I second this. I think it would get out of control. I’ve seen it happen in other games. curious though. Are we trying to see how many different topic headings this can be discussed in?

Most games that have this option limit it to either 3 or 5 per day. So that would help if it is limited. It would be rediculous to have unlimited trading. Also I think if they did have it, they should make it so you can only trade, not just gift. We all know how gifting can be.

That’s why made a point by saying 1 trade a month for each player … so I believe it will be under control …

Even if it wasn’t between the players. Maybe a building in the game that you could go to and trade hero’s for hero tokens or something