Allowing players to trade heroes

How soon will Empire&Puzzle will allow heroes to be traded between any players?

Won’t happen. If you could trade for heroes people would have much less reason to gamble with summoning heroes - thus costing SG money.


Will not happen because game would become completely pay to win with that mecanic.

This is one of those things that sound great on paper but would be abused. Players would make multiple accounts collecting free gems and tokens and would only trade exclusively with thier own accounts.

I think we would be better off with a way to recycle things we have (heroes, mats, etc) in an attempt for something we could use more.


What are you talking about

Will never happen. This idea defeats the purpose of earning money for SG

Already mentioned a lot before. Please read the pinned threads. Thx.

@rook @petri

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All of these statements may or may not be true…it is implementation dependent. I can think of ways to avoid both issues

Then don’t let us down here tell us.
How you manage for E&P the income of 2 people spending a lot on the store, when they can get what they want on the first time, when trading with a player, that don’t like that Hero?

Transaction tax would be one idea for solving that. I can think of others, but that is the most straight forward

A thread like this is already in progress. Please join the conversation here:


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