Allowing People To Continue To Fight After The War Time Runs Out

Ok, I’m a little miffed. I just witnessed someone fight in a war and was able to continue to fight even after the war time ran out. That was the only way the other Alliance won the war. When the war time runs out, your fight should automatically stop.

As far as I know you always can finish the fight when you have started the fight before timer runs out.
Start of attack inside the allowed time means you can finish this attack.
Sad way to loose a war, on the other hand a great way to win a war like this.

Yeah but they deliberately started the fight with only 4 seconds left in the war. I’ve been booted out of fights before during a war and it automatically went as a loss towards me. Not to mention, I also lose that war energy and even if I took out part of their team, their team was fully restored and I received 0 points. The war system needs fixed.

You are talking about two different things; 1. bugs and/or connection issues causing players to get booted and lose a flag and potential points and 2. the rule/mechanics allowing an ongoing fight to be played until the end of the fight.

I think point 2. it totally intended, and totally fair. It’s the same for both teams.

Not sure how it goes after the last update, but a mate of mine was booted out from the fight when war time ran out, before last update

couple of months ago I started a premature celebration that we did not get wiped out and one of ours was still standing when the war ended… but one opponent was mid fight and finished it after the time was up and killed our last man standing… it was included in the final result so it existed before the last update…

I will try this next war if possible (doesn’t make a change if we win or lose) but I cannot imagine they have changed this.
We have won a war already (yes before last update) with an attack that has been started before time was over but finished way after.

The screen showed ‘processing’ like with a titan till the fight was over and then generated the final scores, including the won battle.

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@kerridoc. @Branwen
Tried this war and started battle with 5 seconds left.
The battle did continue and when it ended the results where calulated.
So as far as I can see nothing changed here.

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I don’t know - could it be that two different things are being discussed here?

  1. Individual battle that starts just before the alliance war ends - the result of this is included in the war score.
  2. Individual battle that goes on until the timer for the individual battle runs out (similar to raids) - this battle counts as lost.

I really do not think this is a bug but more of a “half court shot” at the buzzer in basketball. The opponent did not have an advantage as we are all given the same amount if points in the war. While I am sure it is a painful way to take a loss but I have won a war by just 1 point before and I am sure that stung for our oppenets.

As frustrating as it may feel I would say the matchmaking is working as intended. You faced an equal team as your own and you both battled it out to the very end! And while a win always taste better , I would rather loose a match as close as your example than to get blow out of the water and double our score.

The only true way to prevent this from happening again would be not allowing yourselves to get into a situation where it is that close (yea I know easier said than done.)