Allow us to convert a house into the hero academy

Currently the game is only set up to allow us to convert a farm or a forge into the hero academy. I only have one forge left and would rather not lose a farm.

I could lose a house and not even notice it. It would be nice to convert one of those into a hero academy.

I actually really like this!!

I have recruits flowing out my ears and have absolutely no need for 350+ live recruit storage in addition to the thousands stashed in TC11


In my honest opinion, I completly agree with this idea… :+1:

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Great idea! We can’t afford to forfeit a farm…


Love the idea. :+1: I would happily give out one of my houses than my farm or forge.


If, as suggested in another thread, converting buildings wouldn’t need a builder than we wouldn’t need to use a house. I gave it a vote anyway, cause this would be better than it is currently. But imo best solution would be if at some point all houses are advanced, so they produce recruits. And switching buildings wouldn’t need a builder, so I could convert the forges to HA/AL/HL whenever I want to…


Hero Academy

With 2x House level 20 and 1x Advanced house level 10, you do not have enough recruits storage for retraining 5* heroes ( 286 maximum versus 300 needed ) in Hero Academy Beta v0.1.

Luckily the current version of Hero Academy is so bad, you lose nothing by skipping it.


Originally any building could be converted, but issues happened so only production buildings can be converted.

(About Barracks. Why forge not house? - #20 by Gryphonknight)

Advanced Buildings

Advanced buildings could use a total overhaul

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With 2 advanced house and one regular at level 20 we reach more than 300 recruits in stock.
They just have to unlock a second advanced house ! When you have stronghold level 25 and hero academy at level 10 having a second advanced house level 10 is ok !

They have to add two line in their code !
If number (of house or advanced house) is <= 3 do not allow to convert in Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab
If there number of house or advanced house = 4 allow to convert 1 in Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab

Unlock 2 advanced house and allow us to convert one house please ! We need our farms We need our training camps ! Hunter Lodge is a very good building for titan 12* and more, Hero Academy is a must have like troop camp, would be great to have acess to all of theses buildings.

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I don’t see the point in this building conversion mechanic at all. What does it add to the game?

I suggest allowing the Hero Academy to become a separate building like the Watchtower and the Mystic Vision tower.


I have wondered this as well. They could just expand the map after a certain level. They kinda had this principle already, but the map was already there, you just had to uncover it.

Or, create an extra plot of land for the Hero Academy, please.