Allow to ignore that roster is full

I am enough old player in a game and F2P. I have more than 50 maxed 4-5* (mostly 4*). I already reached the point that I haven’t heroes with even small value to max. And maxing third Boril or something like that is really meaningless. So I will be glad to have choice to ignore message that roster is full, because there is no 5* for completing world map stages and that feeders will be wasted anyway, While I will save feeders from tc to once in a year luck of getting new useful hero. Like I ignore message that recruits reached max amount. And also I will be able to grind Atlantis for coins and challenge event and completing rare quests. Thank you.

Voted for this. Wouldn’t mind seeing it work the way recruits do, but I understand Hero roster full is a bit more urgent than recruits being full.

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Not that urgent actually. If you summon with full roster you will have 143 heroes with max 142 for example. Although I don’t know how much over limit heroes can be

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I saw a vid of someone’s roster with 1800 heroes in their roster with a 500 hero limit a while back. Someone was pulling for Tarlak in Atlantis. lol


Luckily Tarlak one of my 12 maxed 5* lol.

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It’s infinite to my knowledge

Also heroes from chests do the same thing

Just finally got mats and ascended my 13 5*. And just used my trainers from trials for last two months it immediately went to 4-37. Without touching 3* from my three tc20 and 400 feeders from tc11 and 120 daily summons. I really need this idea to be implemented.

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Just saw this

. Maybe I am missed anything but I really was thought game not allows to fight anyway, or it appears not long ago? (Because I usually use feeders in time so I really don’t know when saw this message last time.

But great to see I have one problem less.

But you will lose trainer heroes you typically get from opening chest. Are you ok with that?

Some players are at the point where they don’t have anyone left to level

They have training camps running with thousands just waiting to be collected.

This would mainly be a feature for players at that point.

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No you actually keep them from chests