Allow the outcome of titans and wars to be copied as text

Good afternoon. In our alliance we keep records of attacks on titans and wars in spreadsheets. To make it easier, we have spreadsheets that organize the data, but to have the text we use techniques to extract of the image generated in the game. If the text could be copied to the cell phone’s clipboard, it would be much better, because this image-to-text conversion generates many errors. I thank the attention.

Hm… :thinking:
One of the main ideas for such a purpose:

Related but not identical:

More general request:


And probably the most prominent:

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On a topic discussing hero stats.

We all agree that things like this would be a great idea, sadly Zygna have other priorities.

I.e. things that have a direct impact on bottom line profitability :moneybag:

The API post linked above is from May 2018 and even my quote @ThePhilosopher references is around 18 months ago.

Sadly this donkey was born dead.


Would certainly love one of these (especially war data) to be easier for my Spreadsheet-Fu. One can hope. :smile:
Futilely. :laughing:

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