Allow Split Screen Farming

Please allow Split Screen Farming

Title pretty much says it all

I am at the point now where the majority of my world energy flags get used but he “autoplay” function… For normal farming, Atlantis Rises, most quests, Season 3 normal mode (most of hard), most of the class trials and costume quest stages etc…

Physically having to sit & not be able to do ANYTHING else with my device is rather annoying tbh… I’d rather be able to do something else via split screen while the game does the farming for me… Like for example Moderating this here forum!

Currently, one can use split screen but as soon as the Other Application is the “active window” E&P immediately pauses… So it’s useful if you want to put a YouTube video (or the like) on & don’t need to interact with the second app… Not great for browsing the forum tho…

:pray: The Request

Request is pretty simple, allow the “split screen” mode to NOT PAUSE the game when the “autoplay” option is checked.

:bookmark_tabs: History

From what I can tell the option was disabled a while back here:


Would be a nice QoL


Voted, this would be fantastic…especially now given the current situation.


For the love of everything, please allow this to happen…I waste so many loot tickets because I refuse to farm and just have it chilling maxed out.


We need that! Would be awesome QoL improvement!


This is a fantastic suggestion. I was just trying to do this the other day and was wondering why it wouldn’t let me split screen.
Honestly, i dont know why autoplay cant be done even without split screen. I dont understand what the harm would be to allow players to press autoplay and then do other stuff. They would still need to return to press play for the next fight anyway.

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You can still watch YouTube as this will continue to play while e&p is autoplaying as the ‘active’ app.

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I know, I did mention that in the OP.

Would be nice to do other stuff too…

Like chat on Line, or respond to kind players who are voting for my proposal on the forum :wink:

Well hush my mouth. :zipper_mouth_face:

I was too keen to be the know stuff guy :yum:


I like the handle, very “Who you gonna call?”

OT I’ve never used split screen on my phone / tablet. Oh wait, I did once by accident. Took forever to figure out how to exit from it.


Can someone learn me on how to even turn on split screen? I have a galaxy note 9.

And yah I know how to google but I miss human interaction.


I have no clue about tech stuff but im a master of virtual hugs, so heres one for you :crazy_face:


Unfortunately google is probably the easiest way cause it varies version to version.

Essentially you use the button that shows all the apps you got open on the phone at the moment. Then you tap on the icon on an app which looks like 2x rectangles… Or at least that’s how it is on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Voted. I definitely need this in my life!
Please, make it happen. :upside_down_face:

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Awww thanks! Appreciate it!!

I see a limit button instead of a vote button… not sure what that’s about.

anyway I like the idea of allowing the split screen for pve. I suppose there is a risk of people finding ways to cheat by allowing split screen? cant think of any other reason why it wouldnt work.

Just means that you have used all your votes up.

Can view/ unvote by going to your profile

No split screen on iOS.

What’d be really nice if instead of having to auto play content people have already completed… they could instead just click a button. I don’t want to call it an auto win button…

Maybe we could call it… quick win? Gosh I dunno…

(I’m bitter that SG jacked what should’ve been a slam dunk quality of life feature and turned it into some pay for convenience shenanigan. I’ll never stop being bitter about that.)

If/when split screen is on iOS, then I’d be happy to auto play content… should any of us even have to do that, though? Clearly, no…

In the meantime, @guvnor I hope you and the other android users get access to this feature. Ya got my vote. It seems like a “least they could do” sorta request to me.

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Don’t want to be the partypooper for people which still can use splitscreen, but I can use it and use other apps:

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This is what I was thinking. I’m an Apple user and if I can do this, I have no idea how to do it.

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