Allow screen shots

Please allow screen shots. It would be nice to see your alliance members bases, heros, player card.

If you take a look at different topics in this forum, you will see many screenshots. At the bug section they even ask for screenshots to be able to understand a reported problem better. As you can see, there is already the possibility to take screen shots in the game.

I think he just means being able to see other people’s strongholds and stuff

Do you mean being able to post screenshots in game-chat?


Yes, it would be great if you could see your allies bases.

Yes, just something to e le to see your allies bases

Well since there is not much to see except the arrangement of the buildings it’s more efficent to see player profile (stats like highest attack, strongest hero and such) or am I mistaken?

Most alliances use Line, Discord or some other chat/communications app to allow the sort of sharing you describe. It would be nice if we didn’t have to go outside the game, but SG has more important issues to address than rebuilding the chat function (which should be replaced from the ground up).

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