Allow 'reroll' in hero summon

If you spend 300 gems for example on a summon and get a result you didn’t want allow a reroll for a third of the cost, eg 100 gems.

Voted. But you realise this will never be implemented. The players won’t summon x10 and x30 anymore. And SG lose money. Which they are trying to avoid.

I’ll get 1 magni guess not the hero i want can i reroll?
If they implement anything like this i would always say that any hero i receive is not the one i want most

I want reroll on my lottery numbers too! :smile:

Does every reroll give a extra chance to see a hotm also …this won’t happen, again for the company is not acceptable revenue loss…

How about a “guaranteed epic” summon, 4* and above only, with an increased chance at 5*. You could make the gem cost much higher so the average gems spent per 4/5 star are roughly the same, but you could at least avoid suffering through endless Dawas, etc.

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I believe the regular original release of Atlantis hero’s could be added to epic gate and remove the 3* for a 4+ and adding content… though the cost to pull would have to be 12-1500 gems and a percentage rates to be around 3% legendary 92% epic 5% feature hero’s which could be a 4 or 5 * something like this might be effective and solutions to a problem for some players…

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