Allow Purchase/ Buy of Path of Valor (POV) Tiers/ Levels/ Points?

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but I think it would be a good idea to be able to buy tiers in the POV. Similar to fortnite battle pass where you can spend vbucks to move up in the pass sooner. I think 75 gems a tier would be great and allow someone who’s close like me (missing 325 points at the end) to finish the pass.

While i don’t inherantly disagree with this as an Idea, I think that the best implementation would be to only allow it at the END of the PoV… Essentially wait until the 10-day interim between Paths of Valor & only open the “purchase tiers” then.


preferably with gems instead of $$.

I absolutely disagree with this. Path of Valor is designed to reward daily active players. It’s supposed to be hard. It’s not supposed to be completed by newer players, casual players, or players that don’t do everything available in the game. If you allow purchase of missed tiers, you may as well rename it Path of $$$.

That said, I would like to see some restructuring of a couple of the challenges. I’d like to see the titan challenge with escalating numbers but not star levels. That would reduce a lot of the titan poaching that’s been going on. I’d like to see the summons challenge removed entirely, or at least adjusted so it doesn’t depend so much on spending. F2P should have just as much chance to complete PoV as spenders. I’d like to see the Kill Enemies in Raids made a little more difficult. With the large number of raid flags available between regular raid and tournaments, the numbers for that could be increased by 10-20 per tier. Wars and Raid tournaments are fine as they are. I’m even okay with keeping the challenge event one as it is, where you have to complete all 3 tiers of both to max it out, but I’d like to see the points adjusted so that those players who cannot complete one of the 3 tiers of events could still complete PoV if they complete all of the other challenges. Simply take some points from the third tier and put them in the first and second.


I think replacing titan kills with damage against titan could be cool. (e.g. Titan 1: Do 100k damage against titans.) This would remove the codependency aspect of it.

Replacing summons with hero leveling up would also be cool.


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Yes most of that would be great but isn’t the case. I’m going to be 325 points shy because I suck at raids and missed like 3 daily challenges. (Which was because my upper level forge was still upgrading and I couldn’t make whatever the challenge was asking for) I play a lot and I think missing one or two days shouldn’t make it or break it. Yes if daily play was more rewarded with more points it’d be great but right now it caters to the very top players. I too think it should be more achievable by all including F2P and mid level players. I mean the thing is path of $$$, everything in the game is. I just think if it’s going to be so hardcore give me an option to jump one or two tiers up. Of course they want you to spend gems to continue tournaments and events which I refuse to do so I guess I’m kind of asking for a cheaper option. Overall that’s my opinion and I respect yours. Thanks for the counter post!

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I think the biggest issue at the end is that people that could not complete all 6 tiers of the two Challenge Events (Avalon and Pirates), but who did absolutely EVERYTHING else will still be 1150 points (I think) short of reaching the final level. This seems unduly harsh.

So … for this PoV only, I would be happy for an “offer” on the FINAL DAY, to buy either one level or 1500 Valor Points.

And then for the next PoV the Devs adjust it so that this would not be necessary as detailed in this excellent thread


Not a fan of the original idea…Getting top tier rewards already implies buy-ins (e.g. summons)

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If you don’t finish the last challenge you’ll be 3150 points short.

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Yep. Good idea. On my alt account, we’re killing maximum 5* titan while I do 100k+ (162k on a 6* titan, today). Even if I’m dealing a lot of damage on titans, most of 6* are left to escape :frowning:


It’s the path of valor not your favorite shopping street. :wink:

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Disagree with OP…

I hope this never happens.

Also, I probably wont finish PoV.


There’s an extra 2000 points of leeway built in with the daily challenges. If you complete absolutely everything (all daily challenges, all tiers of all Valor challenges), you will have 48750 points, 2000 more than the 46750 needed for Tier 50. If you miss the last stage of the Challenge event, you’ll miss out on 3150 points. 48750 - 3150 = 45600, which is 1150 points short.


There are 2000 points of leeway — if you only missed three daily challenges, you’re going to make it. Or have you been unable to complete the “heroes eliminated” challenge? (The numbers are low enough that even if you’re bad at raiding, you should be able to get enough killed heroes if you keep burning flags.)

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I’m going to fail the last tournament challenge.

Ouch. How short are you? I ask because there are 5 more on the last Monday, so it is theoretically possible to get 35 attacks still, if you’re willing/able to use continues. (Personally, I am usually out by Wednesday, but I did two continues and had some luck on a couple of others, so much so that I’ll finish that challenge tomorrow – I only need three more and have 4 flags still.)

Congrats to you. I’m somewhere mid on the 25 one. I really don’t want to dish out tons of gems on this broken tournament system. I do the math daily. I’m standing by to see. Statistically it’s not looking good.

hello…has a question … what should we do fp2 players do if we lack 500 points in the hero’s path to reach stage 50? thousands of people bought the path for real money…and they stand at level 49 … will the creators of the game help them finish the path of the hero? if he leaves us without the help of us not to finish … this is the last path as hundreds of thousands of people bought … disappointingly it will be huge … and game developers will feel it in your pocket !!! if you help us finish this social satisfaction will be enormous … and we will invest in the next … giga small decision for you … hundreds of thousands of people run out of a small amount of hero’s seat points … greetings and I hope the game developers help ga what they paid the money …

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Maybe if done correctly, if you dont have a good team it would beca pain to vomplete the challenge