Allow players to change buildings!

Would be better game play if players were able to convert Farms into Mines or into Storages. Also Training Camps into Troops or Recruits Houses.
Maybe allow any Building to convert into any Building!

William Kit

New player here - I agree with this. I didn’t know what I was doing and built several craft stations. Now I am missing the opportunity to get food and iron because I don’t have space for the other, more essential buildings. 1 craft station is already enough, right?

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There isn’t a choice about what buildings you can make at any given level - when you get four new locations, you can only pick the four buildings you are given as options, one of each.
The only actual choice is when you get to stronghold level 10 and can pick which building to swap out to make a barracks. That’s the ideal use for an extra forge.


You aren’t missing anything. As was said:

What confuses new players is you have a choice of Building LOCATION. The game’s menu makes it look like you can choose multiple buildings for each location, but that is only because you are choosing where not what.


I have 3 Craft Buildings, have 4 Mines should have made 5 (unsure if that is available) I know only specific buildings go in specific places. Made 9 Farms should have made 8!

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You could not have build anything else in place of that 9th farm, or 3rd forge. Like was already said, you have fixed amount of everything. You do not have choice in the matter. So no 5th mine available.


Thanks Evil Smoothie! Was unsure if that is why I built the buildings and amount of buildings I Have! Though would be great to change them around or have more options!?

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That I am indifferent about. Yes it could be nice, but not really needed. Everything is fine now.

Well my situation is I have too much food. Not enough hereos to upgrade nor items/potions to create, lack resources to make items/potions.

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Don’t worry: you won’t have too much food for long.


I would recommend you build as you need. When you have a building just keep levelling it up to maximum then build another if/when needed!

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No way. Cheaper and quicker to buold/level small buildings and they often give bigger boosts that higher levela