Allow More During War Prep Phase

Is there any way/possibility for the war Preparation Phase to show both alliances on the battlefield during the last 15, 20, or 30 minutes? This will allow both alliances to prepare their strategy, if they do any, while still in the Preparation Phase. Personally, it seems counterintuitive to not be allowed to use the Preparation Phase for something like this, especially when there is so little otherwise to use the Preparation Phase to accomplish! Thanks for considering and any respectful comments are always welcome!!!

Fog of war! Fog of war. Fog of war.

For me, I like the surprise of what element is the enemy tanking.


Why?!? That takes a major aspect out of war which is the element of surprise. Not a good idea.


Valid pts, but we’re only talking about the final minutes for those alliances who put together a strategy.

Otherwise, could we please the amount of time for the Prep Phase? Seems like a waste of time to have a 12+ hours for preparation if the only thing to change is your defense lineup. Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes top, unless you’re behind the learning curve in the game!!!

I know the arguments against will be about time zones. We’ll, then maybe we further stagger start times. We’d is at 0430 my time and Sat is about 1400. I and many players are working on Says and we have to get up at the butt rack of dawn on Wed. Maybe vary it a little more than those two times. I mean SG seems to care more potential problems, especially on issues like DMs in game chats or leaders having control of Opt-in for war. You’d think maybe they’d care a little about potential losses of players, especially ones who spend money!!!

I don’t understand the reasoning for an extra 30 min of prep. The war itself is 24 hrs long, and you don’t need to start your attacks right at the war start. Even if you rush all your attacks at the start, you’ll need to wait 12 hrs to get your last flags.

And what war prep are you talking about? Deciding who takes on who? Obviously the defenses would be locked in at this point, otherwise you’ll just have the game of “who can switch their defenses around at the last minute”.

Not asking for extra time. Just the last 15, 20 or 30 minutes to see the whole battlefield to plan strategy. I know some of our alliance need to get their hits in early before going to work. I understand that concern, as unfortunately not everyone devotes their life to this game.

If it’s not a good idea fine. Then shorten the preparation phase so war can start. Like I said, the only thing you can currently do is change a defense team. If you can’t do that within the span of a couple of hours, then that particular war might not be for you, as everyone has an inconvenient time due to time zones! It’s not like you can shuffle the configuration of people on the battlefield. Instead of preparation phase, maybe the knuckleheads at Small Giant can change it to “Twiddle Your Thumbs & Wait Phase”!!

In fairness, you haven’t exactly clarified what type of strategy you are talking about, and I can’t see how 20 minutes is a make or break deal. Basically, you’re asking to be able to look at the defense 20 min before the start of the war. What advantage would that give you, rather than using the first 20 min of the war to strategize?
Fine, timing is an issue, and everyone’s timezone is different. For example, for me, the weekday war starts 530 am local time. Not much benefit there. Weekend? 230 pm… same. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea because I don’t benefit. I’m not even saying it’s a bad idea. It just strikes me as a solution in search of a problem.

We try to set targets for the first part of war in order to maximize per flag score. It’s something we’ve picked up from several friend alliances that works well. But doing that takes a little time that means the alliance members needing to get hits in before work are delayed or even prevented from making those hits and some have jobs that are unpredictable. Just trying to help both our alliance and them out, as I know if we have people like that then there are others out there as well.

If I understand correctly this idea would generate an extra phase:

  • Matchmaking phase. Your alliance is matched with an opponent alliance (48 hours before war starts)
  • Preparation phase. Your alliance members decide their defense team, enemy alliance is hidden (24 hours before war starts)
  • Strategy phase. The enemy alliance is visible, all defense teams are locked (this is where you can plan your strategies about how to beat them) (20 minutes before war starts)
  • War phase. War starts (lasts 24 hours as usual)

Is that correct?

If that’s correct then, how crucial those 20 minutes can be? If war starts in my country (lets say) at 10am and I work from 8am to 5pm, what’s the difference on those 20 minutes? A more logical time span would be 12 hours to see the opponent alliance defenses and plan the strategy before the war starts in my opinion.

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It honestly sounds like a personal scheduling problem rather than any real usefulness for most people, as it would only benefit those who are awake and available for those 20 min.

@Moncho has a better suggestion of 12 hours. 24 hours to matchmake, 12 hours to set your defense, 12 hours to strategize.

I don’t understand how to create a new thread so i put my idea here.

Permit to exchange emblems between classes would be great feature. As it is possible to transmute materials it should be possible to do the same with emblems.

No, the strategy time would be built into the prep phase for only a small time. As I’ve said, why do we have a 24 he preparation phase, when the only thing you can "prepare is your defense team?

I don’t disagree Moncho. The longer time would be nice, but I know most people will scream about 12 hrs for the field to be viewed. Those are mostly the people whose lives revolve around this game (most, but not all, please take note before flaming me). I figured 20 mins would be good enough and more amenable. I definitely think a prep phase of a much shorter period is needed since “preparation” is such a misnomer for what you can do!!!

So @Quinn3 would you support a shortened preparation phase? I mean they give 24 hrs to fix something that should take no more than 10 mins. If the part I’ve provided is a scheduling problem, then anyone not able to change a defense team within a 6 hour window would be the same problem!!!

I already responded. 12 hours is significantly different than 20 min.

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But what I wrote means that it’s built into the preparation phase as you request:

24 hours before war starts → Preparation phase
20 minutes before war starts → Strategy phase (which means it would start 23 hours 40 minutes after the Prepartion phase started)

If war starts (example) at Wed 10:00, then Preparation starts at Tue 10:00 and Strategy starts at Wed 9:40

I’m not proposing to add 12 more hours. I’m just saying (like @Quinn3 pointed out) that a small window of 20 minutes might be irrelevant for people who work at that particular frame of time. Instead 12 hours of Strategy phase (which would start 12 hours after the Preparation phase started) would cover almost every schedule of every player in my opinion.

Lets say (example) Preparation at Tue 10:00, Strategy at Tue 22:00, War at Wed 10:00

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