Allow level 20 to sell crafts and hero's for diamonds in

Away to lower the cost of the game and be able to encourage other that can not afford the high cost of playing this game…

Would be to allow level 20 crafting and training camps to sell what they can make to other players for diamonds and farming items .
And lower the cost of the skip wait on traing camps and farming

I think people lose interest once they see how long it take to build your kingdom up and it to expensive to use diamonds to speed it up …

Right now I have 4 traing camps with 13 days worth of recruits in them …

The cost of speeding 1 of them up is 7895 diamonds.
That would be almost $100 USD to speed up 1 training camp…

400.00 USD to speed up all 4 camps…

I could buy I PlayStation 4 at that price or a New Laptop… that does not make sense.

The game is not meant to be played overnight, and lowering costs too much would encourage pay to win and alienate a large part of the player base.

I could see them is too give away items to meet players, I have 64 turtle banners I’ll never use because dragon banners… But everyone can craft their own advanced items when they level up. If the stronghold is only up to 10 they shouldn’t be able to finish province 23.

We don’t need a way to earn additional gems, there’s tons of ways to get them and many cheap offers (plus the vip option).

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400 dollars is not cheap… That should be ilegal.

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Sounds like you work for this company. … I and everyone I have talked to about this topic agrees with Troylisa.


I know players who run 4 training camps 24/7 and have years not days worth of recruits in them. They use training camps to store food (got millions in it). If they would want to speed training up, it would cost hundreds of thousands of gems. If you want to train fast use training camp 19.
Nobody is even speeding up legendary training in training camp 20.
It is just not worth it.


And that is just me. I don’t do much training.


Ah the classic “You don’t agree with us, you must work for small giant”. Always such a great answer…

On the topic:
Selling stuff at lvl 20 factories is something to consider. Not sure about it being to other players, it could just be selling them to oblivion. Anyhow it could be hard to get the balance, too cheap and no one would sell them or it would break the game balance as people farm with bots. Too expensive and no one would buy them (or if we are selling to oblivion then again bot farming would commence)
Certainly not against more ways to get gems, but it has to be very modest.(IMO the current rate that F2P get gems might be a little bit too low)

What comes to speeding up, I agree with NitrousOxide. It has to be expensive, as the game is not meant to be completed overnight with money.


I don’t work for the company, however…

With the monthly challenge event, and the vip pass option it is possible to get 1900 gems a month for only 10 dollars. Essentially in less than 5 months time, for less than 50 dollars, (s)he could have sped up these trainings.

Personally I don’t have the money to drop on the game anymore, but even if I did I wouldn’t practice the frivolous math you’re all proposing. There are many ways to get what you want, asking for a discount when one exists (albeit at the cost of a little patience) is pointless… This request simply gain traction.

Happy hunting

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Yep I know all about it.

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I think this screenshot will show you how a serious training for some serious amount of diamonds is done.

Now, tell me, how many X-Boxes is that?


I think you could buy everyone in Sibria … A XBOX lol dam That what I think is unfair… We should be able to speed up just a couple of them instead of all of that price smh… But what type of hero’s are you brewing? Mostly 4 star?

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I need an ability to combine items in the inventory to make the ascend items to progress my heros…been waiting ages for certain items and cant get them… thus cant max and cant use tokens… pointless giving tokens if they cant be used.

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