Allow Leaders to View War Opt-In Status

I know that there’s some heated debate over here about allowing leaders to manually opt-out alliance members from war. Even though it has a lot of votes, there’s not really a consensus from what I’ve read. I was hoping to propose another idea that might be simpler to implement, avoid some of the contention over who should have what privileges, and still be beneficial to alliances.

Problem: Today, when we get the notification that matchmaking begins in XX hours, we don’t know the opt-in status for the members of our alliance. After matchmaking has completed, we can view the battlefield to see who opted in for the war. By that point, the damage has been done. If someone is opted in and isn’t going to participate (e.g. they let us know that they are going on vacation but forgot to opt out), we’re going to have to eat zeroes for those flags.

Solution: My proposal is that we allow leaders, or perhaps all alliance members, to view the opt-in status of each other member. This would be available at all times. I suggest that it be displayed on the Members tab as part of the Members List. I know that real estate on the screen is limited, so perhaps the background color of the rank number or trophy count could be changed depending on whether a member is opted in or opted out.

This additional information gives leaders the ability to be proactive, rather than reactive, in addressing the issue of non-participation. If we’re going to boot someone after the war anyway, why not allow us to do it before the war, instead, to have a better chance at competing? Leaders are already able to boot members, so this isn’t adding to their privileges. It is enabling them to make a more informed decision on behalf of the entire alliance.

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