Allow heroes to increase their skill level at 3/70

I’m having the problem where I want to keep certain titan specialists at 3/70 but their skill level isn’t maxed and the only way to max them would be to ascend them beyond 3/70 which I don’t want to do. I know this is unlikely for regular heroes, but happens to me for costumes (e.g. cLeonidas, cMarjana) since feeding costumes gets them up so quickly.

Is there currently a solution around this? Even if there was a way to reset a hero level back to 1/1 that would allow me to try again, albeit at the cost of ham.



I love this! Then again, I still consider myself the self-proclaimed 3/70 queen (despite recently maxing a handful of 5’s) soooo it’s no doubt why I support this :wink: I’d always wished there was something in place.

As I’ve 100% been there (it’s even worse with costumes). My C. Thorne is perma-stuck at 5/8 skills and I hate it :pensive: (and he ain’t ever getting maxed… But shh, don’t tell him that :sweat_smile:)

Also, it’s such a drag, and an anxiety-inducer, trying to get 8/8 skills before 3/70. Feels like a race against RNG… horrible feeling, as there’s no accounting for RNG having it out for ya :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Lol I loathe leveling costumes for this very reason :sweat_smile:

So any sort of fix to this would be much appreciated. Thank you for this suggestion :purple_heart::green_heart:


@RandaPanduh thanks for voting and supporting this suggestion! Haha you indeed are the 3/70 queen and will forever hold that title, and I’m sorry to hear that your C. Thorne is perma-stuck at 5/8 skills - that would hurt my OCD :sweat_smile: But yes I couldn’t agree more, it’s totally an anxiety-inducer trying to get skills to 8/8 before 3/70. I’m constantly frustrated whenever I’m levelling costumes at 60-70% odds to increase skill level and it fails multiple times in a row :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not sure if this has ever been suggested before, but I feel like it’s a legit issue :confounded:

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I’m in a agreement with allowing you to continue to max your special at 370. Full disclosure I typically have my specials at at least 7 by 260 so maxed out after ascension to 370. But once in a while you have the one hero that doesn’t want to get with the program. It be nice to have that option to continue maxing the special just as you do at 480.

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Put a dollar amount on it. You have to monetize it to get traction.