Allow gems to be used in *partial* payment

Currently you can use gems to speed up wait times when a build is in progress. However, it’s an all or nothing option. Ie you can pay (say) 100 gems to complete the build, or wait.

But there’s no middle ground.

My idea is to request that gems could be used as a partial payment. Eg for the above example 50 gems could jump to 50% progress, and the timer would continue from that point.

Players could choose from various progress bands, eg 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% depending on how far through completion they were already, and what they wanted to pay in gems.

This would give players more options to use a relatively smaller number of gems, and as additional gem purchases are monitised by smallgiant they’d be happy too.

Thanks for listening.

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What happens when the player accidentally clicks 50%, not 25%?

Will the player serenely acknowledge it was their own fault that all of their gems just went missing, or will they howl that SG fix it?

I see the second scenario happening all too often, and don’t want SG’s time taken in “fixing” these errors; I want them to better the game. :confused:

What will happen is exactly the same as for use of gems now.

Players are given an option to use them, or not.

I don’t see any difference.

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