Allow "friendly matching" one's own defense team

There was this suggestion: [Implemented - V35] Implement Defense Team Testing. 🛡

… which is now marked as implemented, although it is not. Alliance matches are OK, but the above mentioned suggestion was about attacking one’s OWN defense. I think that by far the most beneficial thing about friendly matches would be to see your own defense in action, being able to repeatedly attack against it and thus be able to optimize it.

So, just remove the limitation that one cannot attack oneself? (And ideally, that would not cost a ticket :smile: )

I agree. On that thread, OP was suggesting that there should be a feature where a player can attack his/her own defensive team. What was implemented is the feature where a player can attack the regular defensive teams of fellow members of the same alliance. It basically is not the same.


We are mostly in the dark of how our team reacts. Sometimes a member might post short video or just give suggestions. Being able to test our teams out ourselves would be the biggest upgrade I could ask for.

Testing formations, synergy, combinations, even something as simple of getting a nice screenshot of my team in action.

Please gimmie, please!


That truly would be awesome to see our teams in action! A replay if you would…


Plus one friendly self-raid vote from me

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I totally agree!! Need this function.

We can call this type of raid “suicide raid” haha

Is possible if you have more than one in-game account. :grin:

Though rosters are not created equal. It’s difficult to get a fair assessment from your teammates (or even from “yourself”) if there is a disparity in power levels between the attacking and defending teams.

It should be called, “Stop hitting yourself”

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That’s what I say every time enemy AI hits one of my riposte heroes. :grin:

I am with you on that! :+1:

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