Allow different default lineups for each different mode

The game is pretty inconsistent when it comes to whether a lineup change in one mode affects your lineup in another. There is no reason that me setting my lineup to attack a Titan should in any way change my Raid defense team or the lineup I’m using in seasons, but it does. A single “main” lineup serves no real purpose since each mode quite often necessitates a different lineup of heroes. In the same way that we already select an Alliance War defense team, have separate Raid defense (and attack) teams, Titan teams, Season teams, and Challenge event teams that can be set within those modes, eliminating the need to have to constantly reset the “main” lineup when switching between modes. Thanks.

You have those 5 Teams for that. You can also buy more at the game shop. And I don’t understand what you mean, changing your titan team doesn’t change your raid defense team unless you’re using that team “set”. And the “set”/team you’re using for attacking the titan is always the same - which is why you should always change the heroes in that “set” with each new titan to avoid attacking a blue titan with yellow heroes (who were in the titan team bc you previously fought a purple titan).
And a default team for map stages is always the same “set” cause it’s a map. I don’t see a reason why there should be a separate set for each season (bc I guess that’s what you’re proposing??)

Many players have separate titan team (that they change depending on what titan they’re facing), farm/map team, raid defense etc. And some other players buy extra team sets to have 3 or 4 different raid set ups (for example “Purple Tank team”, “Guinevere Team” etc.). You can even name them so you know which Team Set is which.


For Seasons and Titans, yes, you can swipe through the various teams you have established, but that is not the case with your Raid defense team. Making a change to your teams within either the Season Mode or the Titan mode, however, can also unintentionally change your Raid defense team. That link needs to be removed. The simplest solution, even though we can organize various team on the Heroes screen, is to simply have us set the lineup for each mode within that mode itself with no link to any other mode, and then also retain the ability to swipe through to other established teams.


Changing my titan team never effects my defense team or any other team I have set up. The same for attack team and farming team. The only teams that change are the ones that I change. I currently have the following teams set up, attack, defense, titan, level, and farming. Any changes in one does not effect any of the others. But maybe I’m just not understanding exactly what your suggesting or the problem you are having


It’s pretty simple, as I have previously described. Removing a hero from Titan lineup who was also in my Raid defense team removed him from both, and it has happened similarly with a Season team.

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That is not possible :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Would seem that it is…

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I’ve never had that issue. Is there a chance that your titan team accidentally got selected as your defense team?

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The only explaination is that you’re using the same team set for defense and titan hits.

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But you don’t select Raid defense teams from your list of established teams, only as individual heroes for each slot. As such, it should never be affected in any way by any choice you make either changing your established teams on the Heroes screen or within other modes. And yet, it definitely can be.

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Again, what you’re describing is not possible. Unless you are using the same team as defense and titan. Does the titan team have the raid icon under it?


Do you mean raid defense team or raid attack team? Because my raid defense team is one of my set teams in the 5 slots they give use. My attack team for raid is in another slot. And changing the heroes I attack with does not change my set defense team at all because I dont have my defense team slot selected when changing my attacking heroes

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Well, I’m not sure if I get the feel in the OP right, but to that tune: it could help to have four more buttons under the teams to play with and point the app to your previous preferences. That is, if we had a War Team button, a Tourney button, a Raid button and a Titan button, so that it wouldn’t be a perpetual rearrangement of one and the same team all over.

For example, if I have a good raid target and have just screwed up, am waiting on my raid energy, but have a titan hit, it would help a lot if I didn’t have to rearrange my raid team to titan only to rearrange it yet again for a rematch 5 minutes later.

So, you’d just mark each team with the respective button and that would be the team of reference for the game in each game mode. Makes sense?

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But you have 5 team slots/sets, you don’t have to use only one of them. So your raid team stays your raid team, and your titan team stays your titan team.


You can do that with team slots. Granted the only button option is the defense button, but you can change the title of each slot so you know which team you have pulled up.

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By way of example, here is my team setup… hopefully the screenshots line up pretty well:

Team 1: Feeding 2* (see below)
Team 2: Feeding 1* (see below)
Team 3: Raid - I customize this team with each and every raid
image image image

Team 4: Quest - what I use for standard, generic quests (like 8-7, Gain XP, etc)
Team 5: Titan
Team 6: Defense
image image image

Notice how ONLY Team 6 has the “Defense Team” selected at the bottom. That is my Raid Defense, and I specifically chose the furthest-right team so that I never go there and touch it; as such, I never accidentally make a change to it.

Team 1 & 2 are my “leveling” teams… I never use them to attack anything, they are arranged the way they are for one simple reason - look at how nice and neat it is when I open up my Heroes tab:

This way, I don’t have to hunt all over for who I’m feeding at any given time, I just set up the teams until I reach my leveling goals for that hero. In this example… Tyrum, Li Xiu, Nordri #1, and Brynhild #1 have all reached max skill, so I’m feeding them 2* and up to finish them off. Bjorn, Kvasir, Nordri #2, Brynhild #2, and Bauchan are NOT at max skill yet, so I’m feeding them 1* to try to get them to max skill before they reach max level. (Mitsuko is an exception… I just got her, and I’m dumping 2* and up into her without worrying about max skill, as I’m almost certain she’ll get there anyway.)

I’ve found this to be incredibly convenient to set them up this way… the 10 or so heroes I’m leveling with same-color feeders are always at the very top of my list of heroes, so feeding goes quick and easy. :smiley:

Now, to the main point: if you set things up similar to the way I did, there is no possible way that adjusting your Titan team could impact your Defense team. So I don’t understand what’s happening.

The only way I can see that sort of thing happening is if you DELETE/FEED AWAY a specific hero that happens to also be on your Defense Team… sure, then it would disappear from ALL teams that it happens to be on. But who does that?? :wink:

EDIT: Also be careful not to accidentally bump the Defense Team button on any of your other teams.

EDIT2: One a good amount of roster depth has been achieved, you SHOULD be changing your raid/ATTACK team to match up against whatever opponent you are attacking. At a certain point, it just doesn’t work very well to set the same team to attack with over and over and over and expect to have success. In my experience, you should reach a point where you will either get good at looking at an enemy defense, and a few key heroes will pop into your head that will work well to attack those, and then you customize your team and execute your plan of attack. :slight_smile: That’s where the fun comes to me.

Good gaming!


That all is truly very well, guys, but not the point :slight_smile: I know we have team slots, mine are all renamed, but the game ‘remembers’ the last attacking team raid/titan/war regardless) It just preloads the last one you’ve used.

As of now, I have the defense team I never touch, the attack team I meticulously adjust back and forth, and a three-team leveling queue)))

All I’m saying is it would be nice if the app remembered the team slots for raid/titan/war separately, without me having to swipe, forgetting about it, accidentally screwing up my defense, and finding out the cost of that in the morning)))

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Although, I am in the wrong about wars and tourneys- those indeed are separate mechs, let’s leave them out of it!)))

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Maybe we’re just having problems understanding eachother cause the game does basically what you’re saying? :thinking:

For example, I have one of my teams as “Titan”. I go to Alliance tab to fight a purple titan, click on the active titan, go to “next” and see an all-green team bc the last titan we fought was a blue one. I change the heroes in that team to yellow and go on to kick some purple butt. No swiping. So the same Team Slot/Set always loads on each and every part of the game (titan, raid, map).

I don’t know how many team slots/sets can you buy but assuming there are no limitations, you can have a slot/set for everything. Defense, Raid, Titan, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and so on. So chosing the right set is just a matter of swiping right or left.
The only thing I could think of would be buttons with “titan team, map team, etc.” instead of the dots at the top (or this long line thingy that replaces the dots when you buy team slots at the shop so you have more than 5).


I’m really sorry if I’m not making my point right, though. Let me just give you a hypothetical here:

Say, we have a rare quest and an event running. I have my heroes chest filling, a Valhalla stage I’m clearing and a titan raging, all right?

Now, I only have this much of three different types of energy, and I do my shots as it fills up. So, say, a titan hit, a quest stage, a farming run, a titan hit again, a raid, and a rematch on the last raid I screwed up.

Now, the game automatically pulls up my last lineup I used in all of these cases. And all I’m trying to say is it would be nice for it to remember my last raid, last titan, last quest and last season lineups separately - be it my own team slots, or something in the cogs of the app like the tournament team you last used.

Hope it’s understandable)))

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