Allow Alliance leaders to transfer non participating team members to a sister Alliance

Why not alw Aliance leaders to transfer nn participating members to a sister Alliance they have one. I noticed in my Alliance there were long timememberthat wee not as active. Bit also was not advancing as fast as other team members. I made a sister Alliance broughtsoeof them over to sister now they are very active. Our titans and wars were to much for them. Now they run the board not the bottom 3 but top 10. I think it would benefit all Alliances with a sister. Also allow all players a chance at be top 10 in their alliance.

Isn’t it enough to talk with them and ask to move to the other alliance?

And if they do not want to move to a sister? Why have to kick a player that needs to be where they feel better about themselves mybottm5 we now in the top 10 and are more active both are and titans.

We do this in our alliance… if a player can not play they opt out of war but if the need to take more time off but they like our alliance we move them to our sister alliance an keep a line open. For communication…

If they don’t want to move to the sister alliance and you transfer them with the new feature, then they likely just get upset and leave anyway.

If they agree to move, then they can without transfer feature, in my opinion.

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