Allies shown as “ex-membe”


Want to report this bug, In the titan score screen, all allies are shown as ex-member. I’ve checked and fortunately I’m not alone in the alliance. Don’t know if has already been reported.

This happens periodically, and typically will resolve on its own, or sometimes is fixed by force quitting and reopening the app.


It’s just a visual thing, if you leave your game to go on standby mode, the app sometimes interprets it as stagnant and goes into this glitch.

It has happened to me a few times already.


It happens when there is a connection issue (it may probably happen while switching apps too) when the game tries to load alliance members. It gets nothing (because of some error, which is not shown tho) and the game thinks that all these alliance members are not in the alliance anymore. It can’t be fixed by just closing/opening the alliance window because the results are probably cached in app. You’ll have to wait until the cache expires and new connection is made or as mentioned before quit the game and open it again.

SGG could probably show different text than ex-member or show an error popup and try to load it again.

I have some issues with my ISP provider so this bug happens to me fairly often


Thanks for the answers. I reset the game to solve the problem, but I was curious if this only happens to me. Now I know I’m not alone :grin:

It’s not a bug. I’ve had gone thru it a couple of times. Usually happened when the data connection is bad / weak signal.
Will turn to normal once a stronger ie, 4G LTE connection established.

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