I am in the Dragonarmy alliance I joined just last month {May} I just picked them because they were the first open alliances I found. But they do not talk to each other is that the way all alliances are? And if not is there a clan that I can join that at least talk to each other?


There are lots of talkative and active alliances. I would monitor Global chat instead of using the Alliance menu to find an Alliance. Ultimately, you will need to use the Alliance menu to join one, but use Global chat to find that interests you.



Alliances, like many things in life, come in very different shades. Some are very talkative and social, others are not. Some are focused on fun, others are looking to clime the leader boards.

I agree with Seven_Days_Departed. Go to the general chat and keep an eye out. Also check out the Alliance recruitment section here in the forums. Read what they want and what their focus is. That way you will find one that fits you the best.