Alliances Wars New Features

Ok , i thinking to create this topic because after 5 wars won on rrow i have noticed that Alliances Wars are missing to many things :

  1. I want to see my defences response from the attacks.
    It would be very fun being able to see what my defence will do when someone is attacking me.Or being able to see every attack in wars it would be crazy and very interesting for every alliance member all will be more active and more interested about how the war is going.

  2. This have to be a great battle 24 hours of battle . the work and strategies by all our members must be rewarded with great items too.5 wars won on a rrow and most of our members are rewarded with ridiculous items , i not saying giving everyone ascension but not 1 metal hore turtle banners an 1 gem this is ridicoulous and will make everyone loose interest in this GREAT BATTLES .
    Great battles are won by great alliances and everyone from the winners deserve your attentions and your GREAT rewards too.A litlle bit more recognition for all the work of the team would be more fair at least 10 gems for each one and some special items so everyone will enjoy this epic battles.

3.Ok this dosent have to do much with alliances war but since i started this topic for alliance i will say this one too.WHY NOT LETS SAY 3 DAILY TESTING RAIDS BETWEEN ALLIANCES MEMBERS ? The member will not loose or win anything just playing for fun and testing teams it would be very fun because we always talk about how mine or other members defence will work or with that team we will attack.This would be great and very interesting thing for everyone in the alliance.

@Nol_Nas Totally agreed that wars should be more interactive and a decent loot haul would certainly be an extra motivation :slight_smile:


Here is an idea for a new feature -->> Make E&P into and RPG!

In spite of the claim by Small Giant, Wiki, Google Play, and Apple store, in its present form E&P is NOT and rpg its a gambling game. In an rpg the emphasis is on character development. You engage in some activity to improve your character or team of characters. When you do this activity YOU MAKE PROGRESS.

E&P is more of a slot machine, you can engage in activities to get a token, drop in the Summon slot and get something that provides NO PROGRESS toward your character development. Similarly, activities leading to a wanted chest to get an ascension item may yield NO (That is ZERO, NIL, 000) ascension items, leaving you no closer to development of the characters then when you started. This is definitely not a property of an rpg.