Alliances war and Talents grid

Hi guys. How possible is it when I kill in the war Hu Tao Three times and he was keeping on reviving? His talent was 12%. This game is getting better all the time. Another bug maybe ?

Just bad luck. In my raid earlier, I faced a Khiona with 4% Evade chance. She evaded my special 6 times before Kage landed and killed her

It’s definitely improbable, but not impossible. At a 12% chance of revive, he has a 1.4% chance of reviving twice. So roughly one in every 70 times you face a similarly-emblemed fighter, they’ll revive twice.

It gets less probable for 3x revives or even 4x, but still not impossible.

So in my opinion the percentage stands for nothing as he revived 4 times in a row or am I so unlucky ? This is not the first time that this happens. I think this percentage is not actual. I think that the defender has a bigger one in favor

4x revives in a row should happen once in every 4,800 tries at a 12% probability.

If every active player in E&P uses just 12 raid flags a day, this will happen on average 4,000 times a day.

But if you only killed him 3x like you said, the maximum number of revives he could have had was 3. This will happen once in every 580 tries or so.


It’s disgusting… i lost again a Battle in alliance war from Wu Kong after reviving for the third time. His talent was 18%. What’s the reason on having 5* heroes and spending money.? I could have a team with 5 4* heroes that have the same talent and then I could have the best defense team. He who had the idea of the talents should be shot …!!!

Wu Kong is a Monk, not a fighter, and Monks don’t have a revive talent. So what you’re saying isn’t possible.

The only way Wu Kong could revive is if a resurrector like Mother North or Alberich was on the enemy team.


I meant Hu Tao. This is the second time with him

And I completely don’t understand the meaning of the overall percentages. When Hu Tao fires as an opponent, most likely my attackers have at least more than 35% to miss. I’m convinced that these percentages aren’t true for a defensive team. When I attack with Wu Kong I have about 60 % to miss. So I think that you must have a description that explains the differences between defense and offense

If you can’t beat them, join them…lol.
You could emblem your fighter accordingly too. Fighters with a talent to revive, wizards with jinx and the list goes on.
Its quite fun actually. More of a level playing field between 4 * and 5 *.
But Kunchen with +15 emblem is a monster!

Once more Delilah in raid tournament 4 times revived with 12% talent. Please do something about it…!!!

Do what about it?

20 questions

Change the description or have the actual percentage

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