Alliances there are to many

Please Please do something about the number of Alliances being created. It’s getting way to time consuming and difficult to keep an alliance full. I think u should have to be atleast level 25 and raise the cost to start an alliance thanks.

But you don’t want to join another alliance to make it full, instead you want others to be enforced to join your alliance. Right? :slight_smile:


Maybe the problem is not too many alliances but rather too many with mostly, if not all, inactive members. I see tons of groups with members showing inactive for days, weeks, even months! Perhaps there could be some sort of cutoff where if a group has no member actively playing for a certain amount of time, it is dissolved. Sort of like when members don’t participate in so many wars, they are opted out. Not sure if that would solve your recruiting problems, but it would certainly cut down on the number of alliances new players have to sift through when they search. edit to add… I don’t think the inactive ones should lose their accounts or anything, but if they return after a month or two, they will have to find a new group.


I’d like the other way round. Active players leave an alliance with a majority of inactive members leaving inactive alliance to themselves. So it is a natural selection where all inactive players remain in stale alliances, while active players join alive and evolving alliances.

This can be achieved without any effort from developers’ side. Just a free will of active players.


alliances have different goals and the dissolved ones are full of inactive that should have been kicked by a real leader but instead think having Inflated numbers will bring more players. alliances that thrive are the ones where people work together. entitled alliances dissolve quickly

I don’t mean an alliance with active members…even one. I am referring to NO active players for quite some time, which when I first started I encountered several such groups. If an active player is staying in a group with several long-term inactive members there must be a reason…maybe just building teams or could be a second account …… who knows.

leaders can kick them is the leaders problem

Well if the whole alliance is inactive, then so is the leader :grin:

To clarify the inactive alliance discussion.
You have many alliances with inactive leaders only as well as with only little amount members (about 2-5) but all inactive. Those should be deleted immediately. I made the experiance that especially new players got no idea how an alliance should work. Hence they stay in dead alliances. Some others even visit them there for recruiting (maybe also a goot way for your to find new memebrs?). Some “dead” alliances are used by some players to park their Avatar (made this by myself). Those players are active but not much…don’t know if those should be closed as well. Therefore devs should only delete alliances that are all inactive for a long time.
The main problem is that when looking for a new alliance you need quite long to find one that is active…that is the point that annoyes.

Make the member only can make Alliance ,when they reach certain level ideally lvl 20 above.
Reason :

  1. New player need established alliance for a while for experience and tips
  2. The new player will gain more advantage if join them for titan loot , and hopefully it can prevent them for making new alliance in the beginning they star playing.

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