Alliances: reduce "Required trophies" to 10


Currently, if the option is set, the minimum setting for “Required trophies” to join an alliance is 200. That seems high and bit restrictive since there are lots of new members who want to join them.

Why not include in the options:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100

Additionally (this may be implemented already; I never checked) if someone tries to join an alliance but does not have the required number of trophies, the system should respond telling the person to fight in raids to increase trophy count.

The idea behind such a low number is to keep people who have never won a raid (or are terrible at them) from joining an alliance while still leaving joining easily open for everyone else.


My guess would be that it’s extremely easy to get 200 trophies. Someone who’s played for a week and knows how to use their hero skills shouldn’t have much issue doing that.

For those who don’t want to raid at all there’s the 0 points requirement.


That’s why Open exists :slight_smile: