Alliances Rally

This been crossing my mind for a while.
As you all know there are many Alliances belong to same Name such as:
7D* and The Heroes الأبطال and more
So why not we make a Rally for those Alliances to let them have a Caslte Invading Rally where for the first time all formed Alliances will race for holding a castle that allows them to controll a small fee of the bought items from the game store and to fight a massive titans with good loots.
Alliances will be forming a Guild contains of 2 or more Alliances inside it and up to 6 allainces to form 1 guild with a name and only Allainces leader who form it can be shown in its list.
On second time or next rounds the first to hold the castle will be called Defender and other alliancea will be attackers.
If the attackers won they take over the castle and controll it till the next round.
I would say let that be a Month. Every round last for 1 month.
As for Defenders :
the formed alliances in that huge team will not be able to change unless 1 round been passed and/or they got defeted. But as long as they are defedning successfully they can not add or remove an alliance of those who joined to controll and invade the castle.
As for Attackers :
They can be 1 Attacking guild been made of 2 or more alliances up to 6 alliances to try to attack the Defended castle.
As for the Caslte :
It will help the Defenders with having Bosses from the maps in stages lets say 5 stages so the attackers attack them to get the chance after clearing all to face the defenders.

The first take over will require defeting a massive titan in a required time to do and the first to kill Guild will take over the Castle.

The attacking system will be using all battle items to defete bosses then to kill the defending forces in an exact time required for a successful attack.
If attackers failed to defete the defenders in that time the defenders last for another 1 month.

The Fee from the game store could have a 2 systems to run:

  • Buying itema from the shop with cheaper % of gems.
  • A) Getting a % of all the spended gems to buy items in the shop.
  • B) The leader of the defending Guild will controll sharing the fee between his members of the forming alliances leaders.

I think this could make our game more addictive and add a deep side of its RPG/Stratigy parts.
Tell me what do you think guys.

Well just a big no for me. I’m glad I’m playing a more relaxed game and now this would be just another flawed game that gives massive rewards to the ones at the top. Worst world vs world ever must have been in Magic Legion who both had major rewards for the wvw and the weekly server war for a castle. Not being in one of the top guilds would cost about 100$ a week to keep up.

Doesn’t matter that the rewards here would be less, tired of systems that continually reward only the top percent of the server.

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