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I’ve been playing now for about 5 months and have yet to join an alliance. I have focused on building up my Stronghold and teams but now I am looking at venturing further into the game but honestly would like to get a better idea of what I am committing to in joining an alliance? A friend and I are both looking to join a casual starter alliance to soon to grow and learn so I would appreciate a link to a Wiki page or something that can spell out in greater detail what would be expected. I see posts about hitting titans daily and participating in wars but what is actually involved both game and timewise? We both play daily but real life plays a factor so we want to make sure we find an alliance which is a good fit. Thanks

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Hi whitedrow, check out north of the wall alliance. We are players that range from 2000 team points to 3700 team points. We hits titans daily n play as a team. Daily life is big factors in everyone’s lives so we dont bother our team members at all. We chat minimal on a daily basis and hit titans and alliance wars as often as we can. If we cant then we just let the others know. We dont ask more. We like to grow strong together as team. The benefits involved as u already know are titan lots with possible great ascension items which we all hope for and good advice on team play and individual play. We only ask that you let us know if you can’t be active cause of daily life. We all have our lives outside of E&P! Enjoy!


Try the Alliance recruitment part of the forum and see if the alliance descriptions match your view of the game.

Finding a good alliance adds another dimension to the game which I just didn’t understand until I joined my current alliance a few weeks ago. I reckon it is critical to wanting to continue to play and worrying less about the whole RNG and no ascension materials issues, because you are interacting with real people, and if you get lucky those people are fun and helpful

Good luck


Hi @whitedrow! Finding the correct alliance that fits your gameplay is critical. It can make the difference between having fun in the game or getting bored/leaving.

I see posts like this frequently on the forum. IMO, this is one of the best ways to find an alliance that fits. I see you’ve already received some offers and I’m guessing you’ll receive even more :smile:

I think the following suggestions may help you in your search:

  1. Update your initial post with more specifics of what you’re looking for (ex. Fighting a specific * of Titan or higher, you do NOT want to fight in wars, etc.).
  2. When you get offers, ask questions in this thread. It will give others a better idea what you’re looking for.
  3. When you have an offer that sounds decent, join them for a trial run - maybe a week Verify with the alliance you’re joining that it is a test run and you may leave to check out other alliances. This will give you a better idea about chat, wars, titans, training, etc.

That being said, ‘We Don’t Kneel’ would be glad to host your first trial :grin: Here’s a little bit about us:

  1. We’re mainly a US alliance but do have several from Europe time zones. As such, English is required for chat. We also have several ages in the alliance so we try to keep it clean.
  2. This is an established alliance. Next month will be our 1-year anniversary!
  3. Our player teams run from around 2k to 4,100. While this does keep our titans around the 7* area, it’s fun to watch those smaller teams grow :smile:
  4. Fighting titans and in wars are expected. Having 6 full teams for wars is not required, but working towards getting those teams is expected. This is a long term game, so we know it will take a while. (Note: Not sure if you know war mechanics as you’ve never been in an alliance. Each hero can only be used once in a war. Each player gets 6 flags to use, so 6 flags X 5 heroes per team = 30 heroes). We have several players who don’t have full rosters but are working on them. They’re free to play (f2p) so it takes a while.
  5. 14 days inactivity will get you automatically kicked out. If you know you’ll be gone, remove yourself from wars and let us know in chat. We’ll save your place.

That’s the basics. Drop by to give us a try. We have a 600 trophy restriction. If you and your friend don’t make that, drop me a note in this thread and I’ll make arrangements to get you in.

Hope to see you! If not, I hope this helps you find your forever alliance :grin:

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As you might be able to tell, the demands on you time per alliance varies a lot. Some are super chill and don’t care if you don’t hit titans or do wars and don’t care if you chat, others demand a certain number of hits on titans a day and participation in all wars and want members who are chatting all the time. And there are a lot in between.

Some focus on training newer players and can help you learn the ropes, though it sounds like you may have a lot of the non-alliance oriented game play down by now. There actually is a lot to know about the game, and a good alliance can help with some of the more subtle details - and help keep you up to date on changes and news.

Since titans and wars are great sources of mats, and because of the learning and social aspects, I would encourage you to find a good alliance. And remember, if you join one and don’t like it, there isn’t a commitment - just find another.


@whitedrow, your question of what you are committing to is a good one, and the other question should be what do you get. I’ll give you a few general answers.

  1. You get to hit titans, and you get titan loot. This is the most important thing for an alliance, and titan loot is one of the best sources for non-farmable ascension materials in the game. They show up every 23 hours, so spawning time will roll around the clock, sometimes showing up while you are asleep or at work, other times more conveniently.
    (The requirements on your time for this are pretty light, and expectations vary.)
  2. You get to participate in alliance wars. This can be a lot of fun, but the time demands are greater, and the loot rewards are far less compared to titans. Most alliances participate, but some far more than others. It happens twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  3. You are now a member of a game community and can chat with them about how better to play the game, commiserate on pulling yet another Dawa, about real life, and coordinating titan or war stuff.
    Some alliances are insanely chatty (I’m in one, and a emertus/bonus member of another). Others hardly chat.

Time requirements – a typical level of expected activity is playing the game (including hitting the titan) at least once a day, preferably twice a day. If you already use your WE flags and raid flags that often, using your titan flags isn’t much of an addition.

Some alliances expect more, others are comfortable with less.

How to choose: Try to find a good match on the following:

  1. Activity level/Time expectations
  2. Player strength. (Being the strongest or weakest by a large margin doesn’t work all that well with titans. If you are too weak, your team gets slaughtered, and if you are nearly always doing top damage, you belong in an alliance with bigger titans)
  3. Community / chattieness. If you want to chat, find people who do. If you don’t want to, find ones that won’t overwhelm you!

Oh, and don’t be afraid to join an alliance, and if it doesn’t work out, leave. Just try not to leave during war where you are a participant, as it puts them at a disadvantage if you do, and is generally bad form.


Thanks for the info and invite @FullMetal2. Will definitely consider. Going to followup my post below with some additional questions.

Thanks for all the great info @LadySuzanne. Will definitely followup my post with more details.

You are welcome to come join my alliance.
We are one that’s just starting out, so only hitting 3* titans. We try and answer any questions people may have with the game.
The only thing we ask is to not leave during the middle of a war. (This is especially important after match making has happened, as it means your roster will show up on the field with “ex-member” displayed.)

We are Gryphon’s misfortune. After a week if you don’t like us, we might be sad to go, but we will understand.

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That would drive me nuts. Why talk about sports when talking about the game is so much more fun?

Thanks all for the invites. Will be checking things and seeing what my friend wants to do. You may be hearing from us in the near future.

@LadySuzanne my apologies for not reaching out to you sooner after my post. Real life took over in a big way for a while. Do you still have room in your alliance for 2 looking to learn and grow? Looks like AW postponed so we could learn to hit titans before tackling that? I use Line app and my friend could get. Please let me know. Thanks

@whitedrow We only have 1 open spot at this time. We rarely have players leave - this last one was only due to RL opportunities that cut into our members playing time. I know you and your friend come as a package deal, and we don’t have the room for both :disappointed_relieved:

We’ve also just moved up to 8* titans. Those aren’t the best to learn on. LOL. We have a few newer players that are struggling thru that right now. Since we don’t have the room to take you into the fold, you may look for an alliance with smaller titans. A 3 or 4* Titan may present a less stressful learning curve.

I’m sorry we don’t have the room as I’d love the opportunity to help you learn the parts of the game you haven’t experienced yet :disappointed:

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@whitedrow Being part of an alliance is really great! The others have already given you great advice regarding being part if a team.If you want to check my alliance, BackDoorAttack is really easygoing about RL, all we ask is to tell us in advance if you’re going to be away for a few days.

We have some high level players, beginners and mostly mid-levels… So we are consistently hitting 7* titans, and our teams range from 2000 to 4000tp.

If you have some questions, join us for a while and we can help you out!

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Thanks for all your wonderful advice. I really appreciate your concern in my friend and I finding a good alliance so we continue enjoying the game. Sorry it didn’t work out. Since we have been playing a little while and have not participated in titans or wars I want to make sure our experience is a good one. Thanks

@Leiza Thanks so much for the invite. I have been playing a little longer I have a larger bench. I took a break from leveling 3* and started 4* for a bit. My friend has a much smaller bench and just working up a few 4*. Since we have never hit a titan do you think 7* titans is a good starting place? We do some raiding but not too much so AW seems a little overwhelming. Really appreciate how nice everyone is. Please let me know your thoughts. I will check with my friend and see hiw he feels. Thanks

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You know, when i started i soon joined an alliance and the titans were very easy, but the loot wasn’t really good… Then, i changed to a more active alliance… At the beginning was hitting at 3k-7k, last week my average was 20k… Being with a strong group helps you grow faster…

We are getting a titan in about an hour, why don’t you join us and try to see how it goes? Just for today. It won’t affect wars or titans for us.

And about not knowing how to deal with it very well, well, alliances exist to help us learn! :smiley: and we are really ok with new players, if you grow with us, it’s good for the whole team, we don’t mind it if you are learning, all we ask is for you to be dedicated and willing to play as part of the team!


@Leiza - Wish I could take you up on that but leaving for work right now. Sounds like we should give things a try though. My friend and I are on the west coast PST and do a majority of our time after 10pm. Will you or someone be around to chat tonight and maybe get ready to hit the next titan?

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We are international, so there is always someone on! I’m in Brazil, so it’s 6pm for me now, and idk if I’ll be up then… But one of the elders is from the US West coast, i think… I’ll tell them you’ll stop by so we’re sure there’ll be someone on!

See you!

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