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Thanks to everyone else who replied to my other thread.

To expand on what I’m looking for before joining an alliance I would like to understand some game mechanics.

When you say hit the titan daily does the alliance arrange a time togther to do this or does each member choose the time they can accomplish this within the 23 hour spawn window?

Alliance Wars sounds like a much larger/more involved raiding system. Once I array my 6 teams does AI take over and I periodically check? How does the whole thing work?

Thanks again foir all the helpful responses. Please feel free to post a link to a thread or page if this is something I missed in my search.

Titans spawn every 23 hours no matter how fast you take them down. During those 23 hours most alliances want their members to hit it as often as possible (unless they determine they will let it escape, which will be communicated to all members). Every time you attack a titan you use 1 unit of alliance energy. You can have up to three units. It takes 4 hours to get 1 unit back. So as you can see, you have a limited number of hit you can do. I haven’t heard of an alliance coordinating a titan attack except on special occasions. There are a lot of videos on titan take downs you can watch to get a feel for it, but unlike all other attacks, a titan battle is real-time with no pause between “turns”.

AW will take more time than titans. It would take a small novel to go into it, and each alliance will approach it differently as far as coordination and strategy. For an idea of it though here is an older, but still mostly applicable primer on it.

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For titans, you hit when you have flags and time. Some alliances will occasionally decide to let a titan escape, in order to rest and regroup for the next one.

For wars, they happen every Wednesday and Saturday, and last for 24 hours each time. You get a total of 6 attack flags, 3 at the beginning and 3 at the half. Each alliance determines for themselves whether they want to coordinate attack times and targets, or just hit whoever and whenever. Each individual attack is resolved the same way as a raid. The big difference is that in your attacking teams, you cannot use the same hero twice (unless you have multiple copies).

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Thank You @General_Confusion and @NPNKY. I think I have enough info now to start looking at alliances and expanding things in the game. :grin:

Ok, I strongly suggest taking a reasoned, tactical approach to titans. Here is what I mean:

Assuming there are 30 members in the Alliance: Take the total titan health and divide by 30. This gives you your target to achieve or your “share” of the damage that needs to be done in order to kill the titan. In this case it is: 4,378,000/30 = 145,933. So about 146k would be your target damage over your 6 swings.

Keep in mind you must adjust this number according to the total titan health. I would have used a picture of a smaller titan for the example, but both of my Accounts are in Alliances that see nothing but 12* titans.

That being said, I usually do my first 2-3 titan swings using only bear banners/turtle banners, Arrows and axes/bombs. Whatever I happen to have laying around. If I am on track to make my goal damage, I continue to go basically unboosted. If I fall behind for whatever reason, I start boosting with mana pots, time stops, tornadoes or any combination thereof.

If I fall short of my goal after my 6 swings, I examine how much damage the Alliance is doing to the titan and determine if the titan will go down without my having reached my “share” of the damage. In other words, is an alliance mate’s good board luck making up for my bad board luck? If so, I leave things alone. If not, I use a flask or an additional swing leaving myself one short for the next titan to make up the difference on this one.

I generally exceed my goal on every titan. This is an important strategy for a reason. This is a game of resource management. If you use your resources wisely, you’ll be able to do more within the game to make permanent improvements to your account.

If you are not spending ham/iron on items to take down titans by stretching yourself thin, you can use those resources to advance your keep, train heroes, train troops or grow more heroes in your TC. As long as you are doing your part for the Alliance, you are good.Trust me, it is much better in the long run for the Alliance if you make your Account stronger by making permanent improvements than it is to have the top score on a titan every time.

There will always be another titan right after the one you just killed or happened to let escape. Whatever improvements you make to your keep will be there forever.


@Otto0000 Thanks for the great analysis. I just recently reached SH20 and my highest TC will be at 17 when it completes tomorrow night. Things going onward and upward.

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Thanks all for the invites. Will be checking some things out and checking with my friend. You may be hearing from us soon.

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