Alliances Auction House

Hello everyone! I started playing this game in Feb. 2019. This is my second month playing this game and honestly getting pretty bored. BUT, I’d like you guys to spice things up a bit. Add an Alliance Auction House. This building would allow individuals in alliances to post up their materials, items, troops, and or heroes for sale, so they could earn virtual currencies (e.i. Ham, iron, gems). Each individual could choose to post an item, materials, troops, or heroe (or a leveled up heroe for higher value) for any of the 3 virtual currencies (ham, iron, or gems) depending on what they think the value is for said item/s. This would give incentive to individuals who are free to play, to purchase gems. So they could at least purchase a hero or that one ascension material they have been grinding to get all year long but still haven’t. :frowning: This new building would allow for everyone to enjoy this game as it was meant to be enjoyed. Whilst still maintaining balance. Everyone would have a fair shot to purchase what they want, and others get rid of the “junk” sitting there taking up space. I have ideas a plenty, let me know what you guys think. Much Luv, :heart:

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