Alliances are breaking/dissolving after wars. Why?

Hi all :honeybee:

First of all sorry if it end up being merged or there’s a response already I could not find.

I’m not exposing or judging anybody. Just wondering because it’s been happening a lot in our alliance wars.

Why do most to all members left the alliances after war?

Is there any benefit? Like when people used to create new alliances for easier matches? Looking at the screenshots you may see a ton of non-members.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe they are hunting for titans…

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Thank you for the reply.

You mean mercenaries?

Yes. If we are skipping a titan, we usually go and make use of our extra flags.

There are now enough war attacks to complete all the Path of Valor challenges

I’ve got an even better example of it. All 27 members of this alliance we just fought this weekend left before the war was even over.

They belong to a family of alliances and they all shuffled from this one to another one and then this alliance was filled in by other members of their family.

Gotta have something to do with war score manipulation but they would only do that to open war chests quicker. But since they left before the war was over (they won) then they don’t get war chest credit. I don’t get it.

Weird…I just now noticed that some of them that left have come back to this alliance in the last couple of hours. This seems…exhausting to me.

Then they probably went to go titan mercing. There’s no benefit to leave and then come back when it comes to the war score.

A few things i can’t make up. Finished most of the challenges but will end up ~lvl 43

Wars were easy to complete.

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