Alliance with 31 member (bug reappearance?)

We have been matched against an alliance with 31 members? :wink: Or maybe twins count as 1?
Please look at positions 25 and 26 as it seems to be the same player.


The picture is pretty small and blurry, but with zoom it’s still possible to see that the two players in 25 & 26 have different avatars, different cup totals, and one has a capitalised first letter in their name, while the other does not. There are no restrictions ensuring player names are unique in the game anyway, which has led to issues with troll impersonations in the chat before extra name changes got given a 500 gem charge.

The 31st member does indicate a bug though. There have been reports of people not being removed when kicked out of an alliance in the last few days. Maybe this is related.

I want to re-activate this Topic. One of my alliance members saw recently also an alliance with 31 members but this time also in the overview (so 31/30).

Anybody know how this can happen?

ghost member trying to hit Titan, does not appear on our roster.

I know there are other post but these seem to be over a year old. We are now 31 members strong.


That’s awesome. Good luck with your 17* titans! :laughing:


I would actually like to see this play out into war matching


Any idea what you have done to make this happen?
You where at 30 and some 1 applied and you could simply let him in?
Or 2 applied at the same time?

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I wonder if someone gets auto kicked at some point

Previously that didn’t happen as far as we know.

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These go to thirty-one - Nigel

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@KiraSG… A new occurrence. One for the Devs to look at :slightly_smiling_face:


If this happens please submit a ticket through our in-game Support button.


Just curious how your war matching went, did they find another 31-member team for you lol? Did everyone get to fight?

We had one person opt out because they were on deployment. I’ll let you know next war.


I have checked this alliance myself and it shows 31 members and not the max of 30.

Check this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Possible merger? @littleKAF @Guvnor

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Seems to be a reoccurring bug within the game, I believe it goes back to 2018 when it was first brought to the attention of SG, I guess they either still have not fixed it or like to see unfair advantages like other parts of the game, for instance the quests, why is it always the same top pay to play players at the top getting a much needed hero by a smaller player with the loot. The time factor in these quests needs to be removed to make it more fair. Or once you get to 1st place your no longer eligible to get to the same position, to make it a fair chance for everyone else. Like the current pirates of carellia, like they need another Finley etc, they probably already have 5+ of them.

See @KiraSG response above yours in the new thread you’ve been merged to.b

It’s marked as the solution.

31 came to the war


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