Alliance-wide mail


I would love to see a mail feature where we can send one mail to all alliance members. We try to help each other progress, but good advice gets lost in chat. It would be very helpful if we could send guidance to our allies in a mail to ensure everyone gets to read it.


The way most alliances do is have a separate chat app, like LINE or Discord.

That is the current “work-around” for the problem.


Is this a possibility for the future? It would be an effective tool to reach alliance members, or them to let the leaders know if player is hoing to be gone. So they aren’t kick from alliance for non participation.


Use a 3rd party app like @Fledoble suggests (LINE, Discord). It’s highly unlikely the devs would prioritize a messaging system when perfectly good 3rd party solutions are in heavy use by the E&P community. They have enough on their plate :wink: