Alliance Watchtower

Would some kind of Alliance Watchtowers make sense in the current war system? Idk how it would work, but i think it would make things a bit more interesting

Interesting idea.
Some building that can be raised by the entire alliance, donating resources for example. This building could give some defense buff so we can get rid of the field aid in AW. Maybe could give some attack buff as well. Perhaps customizable, defensive OR offensive buff.
I don’t know, just throwing ideas.

I’m just thinking wars would be fun with some kind of risk and reward on both sides, so was thinkin some kind of watchtower similar to the one we have in raids but on steroids since the resources would be divided amongst 30 players when they win.

Possibly have it set up where it accumulates x amount of food/iron per day. The amount could be based on how many players in the alliance have maxed bases(maybe x amount of food/iron accumulation for every level 20 building within an alliance)

For each war an alliance wins, they empty the watchtower of an opponent. The watchtower could come into matchmaking system sort of. We get x amount of points towards war score for each victory or loss as is, so thinking alliances that are on winning streaks could face other teams on winning streaks.

Longer the winning streak an alliance goes on, the fuller their watchtower gets. So after 4 or 5 wins, both alliances could be looking at gaining a pretty substantial amount of food or iron from their opponent.

I’m sure some kind of stipulations would need to be involved to dissuade manipulation and exploitation

Just seems ham is the biggest resource besides mats or heros that players need to grow, so let em fight for it as a team to improve as a team

How about we add some spice to the proceedings?

  • As participation in the current war goes on, visibly add items of loot to the watchtowers. Everybody can take a look periodically to see what’s at stake in the way of gems, AM, etc.
  • When the war ends, the leader(s) of the winning alliance pick which watchtower their alliance gets to raid. The losing alliance raids the other watchtower.
  • The loot gets divvied among the alliance according to the current algorithm (whatever it is now).

This way, there’s no growth in total rewards caused by adding watchtowers, but it adds extra excitement to participating in war.


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