Alliance Wars


Just like you’ve created the airship to do new missions, create one where the Alliances go to war. Destroying each others kingdoms to make the game even more fun. It’s another way to collect resources needed to build your team as well as your alliance member’s teams.


Darnet, they are working on implementing alliance wars, I believe they hope to have it ready before the end of the year! it should be good!


Indeed, as @SMORE mentioned, we are working on a new big feature - Alliance Wars! Unfortunately no ETA yet but stay tuned for more information! :smiley:


Dang, war is going to hurt the game just like it has other games. It’ll become pay to win, a chore, and not fun anymore. Hopefullyb there’s a way to implement this without driving a P2W scenario or making this game become a chore. Right now things are great! No need to live on the game there’s plenty of time to do things and there’s no rush. Please don’t make war a chore to participate in or to prepare for in order to compete. Thanks much.


I used to play Castle Clash, which implemented Alliance Wars without throwing the game under the bus.

I was a Free-2-Play player there, and never felt as if only the Play-2-Win guys were winning.

IT CAN BE DONE! :smile:


I agree with Rook, it can be done. I have played games where the alliance wars are timed events and players elect to play in a special arena. Most players like the idea of alliance wars as it is something new to do and gives more relevance to being in a good alliance. After playing for 9 months, I am so bored that I look forward to something new and different.


This would be great and I aure hope it will be done that way. I thinl if the game continues as it has, it will. This game has nothing that makes anyone have to pay to play. Fingers crossed that that never changes.