Alliance wars!

This game desperately needs an alliance war option. The idea of this game just constantly fighting AI and during raids a “person” is annoying, boring, and anti climatic.
The fact that it was not introduced yet leads me to believe I have yet again wasted time, money and patience on something that is a dead end. Introduce this already! What the hell. Why would here not be an option and also to have alliance trading or a resource request and a building time REDUCTION while in an alliance. I came to this from Empires And Allies. What a disappointment. That game is focused on PvP and alliance wars. This is just monotonous game play, shitty boards, no Titan loot typically, chests don’t have anything, and time spent for what. It’s a game to have fun and it’s not. Solitaire is looking more advantageous than this. Invest the money people and myself have dedicated to this. Very sad

It’s in the works. It will be the next new feature

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War is like raids on steroids with having your opponent with the advantage of the frequent Hail Mary arrow storms.

Let’s have wars with all our weapons!!!
With no unfair advantages.

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