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Alliances could have (dis-) advantages because of their time zone. If the second half of the war is in a ‘good’ time (e.g. the evening) for one alliance, the probability that most members use all 6 energies is higher, then when the second half of the war is in a ‘bad’ time (night/working).

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I think this is a bit suspect even in truly casual alliances.

I don’t see a zone advantage for 24h, it isn’t asking too much to have folks hit within a 12h period if they’re serious and if you’re casual why care? Also we (Departed, unquestionably a top 3 alliance) are truly unlikely to worry about some missed flags anyway: like titans it’s about average member performance, we’ll be OK.

Shorter than 24h would be a problem, and I suppose they could extend it to 36h or even 48h with their timing but I’m not seeing it for alliances that have members logging in more than once a day anyway and for those that don’t: from a ruthless alliance management perspective, getting them to login more frequently for a feature they like is nothing but goodness.

I think most people will take to AW; it’s similar enough to the core raiding feature and they probably wouldn’t have stuck around the game this long if they hated raids.


I am not casual, but many of my alliance mates are :wink:
I am pretty new to the game and very addicted, but I can absolutely understand everyone, who sleeps in the night and then going to work and don’t play phone games in between (or just hit a Titan in lunch break, but not more).
I would have preferred if everyone gets all 6 energies at once for 24h.
I’m pretty sure that our alliance will be much weaker when second half of alliance war begins in the night of our time.

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In the original beta implementation (race to zero) the halftime flags made sense; not sure they do anymore admittedly or if they are a holdover on the implementation.

Hopefully that’s something they look at in their data going forward


What happens if an alliance does not set up one defense teams?

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Nice question @TiredTornado

Would.mean that the other team could not score and they could win with 1 point. Hopefully none will try thus, but spg should just force a defense team on each member

We had one player who was absent our first war. It meant THEY could not participate, not that our entire alliance was locked out. No worries. :wink:


I think the question was, “What happens if an entire alliance doesn’t set up any defense teams?”

Presumably they would not be matched.

Be aware that after setting a defense team once, the system auto-uses that defense the next time. (You can go in and delete all your heroes.)

Alliances are matched before setting defenses

I would really like to have an adding refill of war energy when you level up during the war phase.

No, absolutely not. That would be the new exploit. “Pati007 used 9 flags in war, we lost by 8 points”


What is the point if awaiting for next 3 flags? Why you need to await? Anyways people use all flags… it’s just makes wars slower… should be right away 6/6 flags :expressionless:

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