Alliance Wars vs Alliance Tournament

Hello everyone,
I have noticed that quite some people are not very happy with the name “Alliance Wars” and some even refuse to participate in a war at all so they don’t want to play those fights. (I am not talking about myself here)
You might say it is petty to see it that way but there are obviously many people who don’t want to support war, not even in a game.

My suggestion is to name the new Battles “Alliance Tournament”.
What do you guys think?


Good call. This is definitely more a tournament or tourney than a war. No one gets hurt, no one dies.

@petri could staff please consider this?


Hyppie :smirk:
I know, i know. “Respect”

I’m not a war fan as well, but that’s rather ridiculous.
This is a battle game.


Speaking for myself, i don’t care about the name at all.
I just read that some people have a problem with it and don’t want to participate in them, so i thought i make a suggestion here.

In the profile of the player there are the largest trophies, they must be summed up in the alliance and on the basis of this number, the rivals in the war of alliances must be selected! So no one will merge the cups and will be honestly selecting opponents!

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