Alliance Wars: troops changes into 1* troops

This happenes now for a few members of our alliance for the third time in Alliance Wars. It happened for different members. In the last war e.g. as soon as we saw it, our members changed the 1* troops for their 3-4* troops. And now other members have the same problem. Are we the only alliance in which the problem occured?

Are you saying your alliance member’s troops are automatically changing to 1* troops during the preparation phase of the war?

This has happened to myself and another alliance member. We both had the same troop for red and both had been automatically changed to a 1* troop. Qe both had to go in and change it back ourselves.

I had a thought: If one doubles a hero color, but only has one leveled troop, one will get a 1* troop on one of the colors.

But I suspect you’re talking about something else…

The previous team is carried over from the last war. Were the original troops used for leveling other troops in the meantime, resulting in a default substitute during the new preparation phase?

@Rook I know that if you double on a color it will default one of them to a 1* if you don’t have any other troops of that color. This was with only one of the color. More specifically the Barbaric Alpha Minotars . Neither of us noticed at first. It wasn’t until after the war had started. I noticed that when I had made a match, the troops didn’t look right. So, I clicked on myself and selected "info ". That’s when I noticed that the troop had been defaulted to a 1* red troops. I then checked my alliance member and his was also, now, a 1* red troops. I alerted him to it. We both had to go in and manually change it back over to our Barbaric Alpha Minotars

Meaning, you had two troops higher than 1*, but the game didn’t default to your highest troop for that color.


As always, I encourage you to report to Game Support. :wink:

Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

No. I only had the Barbaric Alpha Minotars. I had no other red troops.
Same with the other member.

It hasn’t happened since.

I didn’t think much about it at the time.

Happend the same to me.Only had Minotaurs troop …got a lvl 1 troop in war…
Now i know to chech next time…

Yes. Sorry for the late response. If it will happen again, I’ll report it to the support and I’ll write it down here.

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This is happening to me as well.

My green and blue troops are at Level 1 but they are actually level 6 and 2

This sucks!

This happens when you change heroes in your teams in your normal roster between wars - the troops are then assigned to a different hero and you have to edit your defence team in the next war prep phase.

That’s weird - I never changed the troops, nor have I changed their positions.

I mean I’ve never changed the heroes

A little late, but I didn’t want to start a new thread. I believe we are experiencing this issue in our alliance.

The members of our team that are affected have reported it through in-game support, but we wanted to call attention to this issue for other teams.

As with the other posters on this thread, two of our members defense team troops are mysteriously switched to 1* troops, and like @LadyAirmid, in both cases, the players in questions have no 1* troops in their inventory/barracks.

Screenshots from M3LANI3:

Screenshots from SnoQueen:

For M3LANI3’s team, I thought perhaps it was because she had double-green heroes and had simply failed to reassign the correct troop, but I have confirmed that she didn’t have any 1* troops. Even if she did have the 1* troops, though, I would presume by default the game would have assigned her Level 2 4* troop to Kashrek?

In SnoQueen’s rainbow team, I can’t think of a reason for the game to have assigned a 1* troop to Rigard.

The fact that these players don’t even have any 1* troops will perhaps demonstrate that this is indeed a bug, and not player oversight.

I would encourage other players to double check their defense teams - if you find these mysterious 1* troops and you don’t have any 1* troops in your inventory/barracks when experiencing this issue, please report it so the devs can take a look!

However; there may be something obvious(or less-than-obvious) that I have missed here, I would appreciate any feedack!

:slight_smile: Tima

These 1* troops are default troops - if a player changes one of his heros, for example and has no new troop assigned to that hero, the system will insert the default troop.

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I considered this, but wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) the system have defaulted to the highest level troop available from the Barracks?

When changing my offense team on raids, for example, the system automatically selects the highest level troop that is available for a given hero - Occasionally I will change this when color-stacking, but I don’t get a 1* troop assignment unless I don’t have enough troops available.

Additionally, I can confirm that in SnoQueen’s case, she didn’t change the heroes on her defense team - same lineup from the previous war.

Pay attention ot this. War defence team will not automatically change nothing. If you feed away troop or heroe there will be free place or default troop.

perhaps she re-assigned troops during raiding? I can’t say for sure. I know early on in the game, every time you changed your hero line up, the troops would revert back to default troops.
I have seen this happen to members of my alliance - that is why I habitually check the troops before we go to war… and give a warning to members that have default troops.

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