Alliance wars treasure

I recently participated in the Alliance Wars with other team members. I was the high scorer overall and in the winning Alliance, but i received no treasure after the War was resolved.

Hi HempMaster!

First of all, as a friendly reminder, we ask all players to use the in-game Support button when something happens to submit a new support request. You can find the Support button by tapping Menu , then Options and selecting Support tab. Contacting us this way helps us to serve you better and solve your request faster.

Should you be unable to contact us through the game, the Submit a New Request link is visible after each FAQ article and on top of the support page (on mobile devices, please tap the icon with three (3) vertical lines). When sending us a new ticket this way, the system will automatically include details of your account and device, necessary for fast and efficient support service.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and I wish you a great holiday.


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