Alliance wars team strength

Hi. Something that is on my mind for quiet a time and I don’t understand. In alliance war I see an enemy team of 3900 team strength gives me 51 points on defeat and an enemy team of 4500 gives 55 points. Can someone explain this to me?

The only thing that matters when the algorithm is allocating points for a war team is the total HP of the defending team. This way, a lesser TP team with more HP will generate more points than a stronger TP team with less total HP.


If I remember correctly (and I think I do), here’s how point value is calculated:

Every alliance’s total army is worth 1500 points. If you were to take out every opponent once before anyone respawns & requires a repeat victory, you’d have 1500–No more, no less.

500 points of that 1500 total are evenly distributed between all players.

The other 1,000 points are distributed by each team’s total HP.

So, hypothetically, if I were going to war with only 2 players–one with 5,000 total HP and another with 2,500 total HP–the stronger player would be worth 917 points ([500÷2=250]+[{1000÷7,500}*5,000]=917)=917 and the weaker player would be worth 583.

For this reason the more players you get in a war, the less points you’d get from each player. And, as @Ian487 said, the more valuable players are determined entirely by how many hit points their teams have.

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Thx. A very strange way of calculating team strength/earning points. Most players will go for the 3900 team. Going for the stronger team is disproportional less rewarded.

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In war, what seems to be the best choice for a player ain’t always the best choice for the alliance. Going for a team just because it offers more points isn’t the best idea. Lots of other factors to consider when choosing a target… top alliances have real war councils assessing roster resources left to use and assigning targets on the battlefield.


I know.
A war council. Hmmm. That is worth proposing in my alliance. I wonder who has the time to do this. Seems to me to be a lot of work.

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