Alliance Wars - Team leader choice to opt out

I am team leader I created a new alliance and opted out of alliance wars I am experienced in wars from the beginning.

I recruited advising we do not war however a new member tried to argue out the point that the individual opt out was to be used not the leader opting the alliance out completely.

They (other alliances) opt into war the team members who want to war to opt in/out this is why they created it. For me as team leader when I say “we do not war” it does not mean you can opt out as individual it means “we do not war”.

War is not our team - we are not heavily committed we hit titans only when logged in we have other responsibilities and this was advised when recruiting + in description - we do not war.

I am a strong believer in team effort in war one player wanting to play and everyone else opting out is not a alliance war its an individual war.

it is my right as team leader to opt all of the alliance out and not provide this option i know my team will not commit to war and I will not pursue it I wont even play cause of responsibilities.

The player left cause I will not opt in, the side effect of this would be one player pushing other players into to committing to war which I will not agree we are not that sort of alliance.

I wanted to share this with those who are team leaders and those who want to war:

  1. You want to war find a team who does war don’t think all alliances have opted in to war
  2. Team leaders know your team don’t put them in a difficult situation
  3. Always read the recruitment ads and description

I have warred and won and lost I know how tough it is.

In the future we may war to see the old battlefield and the infamous bridges we once wanted to set explosives to hinder the other team and all the sneaking around of course and all the mopping up, but this is when we agree we are not a month old yet.


If you advertised your alliance was recruiting and made it clear you don’t do war, then that’s the new members problem, he read what your alliance was about and joined anyway.
You run your alliance the way you see fit.
Our leader consults with her Co leaders (which I’m one of)
Quite often about alliance decisions, we do this via a chat app.
We discussed if war was worth it doing and agreed to carry on.
If need be discuss alliance war again with your alliance see what they think, if it’s a case of they are happy with what you are doing by not being in war, keep doing it.
I’ve seen some alliances post in their status they dont do war.


Your alliance, your rules. You wouldn’t go into someone’s house as a guest and try to tell them to change their rules to suit you.


I agree. You were honest upfront about your expectations.

We all try to recruit for players most suitable to our own alliances. Letting potential new members know your “rules” before joining should help them make a better decision.

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Thank you all for your comments much appreciated. :grinning:


It’s your alliance. If someone starts arguing with you about the rules press that kick button.

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Thanks Tyler they left of there own accord - I didn’t want to boot we are a new alliance I wanted the team to see where I am coming from. Only 1 team member asked I said no we are not this sort of a team. I have got a good team who now are gauging our titan hits so they are knowing the team and how it works. Happy :smiley::wink::slightly_smiling_face: