Alliance Wars - taking duplicate 4*'s to 4/70

Is anyone taking their duplicate 4*'s to 4/70 with alliance wars (in spite of the poor loot)?

I am heavily debating taking my healer duplicates to 4/70. I am in a position where I have just used my 4* rare mats to take 5* heroes to tier 4 and have the ability to ascend some of the duplicates to 4/70 if I want. I figure by the time I replenish those 4* materials I’ll have the 3* again for most colors

What do you think?

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I personally take each different & useful hero to 4/70, keeping doubles at 3/60.
Ascensions are too hard to gain to be spent on copy that will be replaced from better heroes (as the 5* ones).

Id say, go all the way with your 5*, the last war i killed a 3200 TP team with only 3* heroes (triple green), some planning and a bit of luck.

Stacked 4* are still good to take out teams.

Absolutely, it’s very useful to have duplicates of the best 4* heroes for wars, especially healers who are at a premium. I know many members of my alliance are working on duplicates and I am holding Boldtusk #2, Merlin #2&3, Melendor #2, Grimm #2, Jackal #2, as well as a handful of others I’ll get to after.

I just ascended my second Rigard. Considering how important healers are, primarily against the arrows of doom, I felt it was worth it.

I have saved a duplicate Kiril and Boldtusk, however i’ll level some other healers I don’t have maxed out before I double them up. I’m more particular about having one of everything for element stacking options than I am about having the BIS heros doubled up.

Can we use this post as a reminder to developers: there is a demand for new epic heroes as well, in addition to the constant monthly churn of legendaries.


For now I’m just taking good 4* duplicates to 3/60 to evaluate later. I’ve already got a duplicate BT to 3/60 and have two more to work on.

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Unless its something that will come in handy outside of AW, I stop at 60. One exception was Tiburtus #2 because I have a TON of purple ascension items, no 5* purple anywhere in site and still have enough left over to fully ascend a 5* purple. And I had a few too many beers. I don’t think if I could, I’d take it back :slight_smile:

My criteria to taking a 4* duplicate to 70 is?

  • Can I spare these ascension items? i.e. I won’t be able to use them on a 5* soon.
  • Is it a valuable 4* ? i.e. Healer, fast mana or desired special.

If I answered yes to both of those questions then I’m most definitely taking him all the way. Worth it 100% otherwise he/she will remain at lvl60. Needless to say, I have many still at lvl60, and they serve their purpose just fine…

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Tons of Cyprian and Boril out front in AW. Debuffs (caed, Sonya, etc) are a must. I have two Caeds at final, haven’t regretted it for a second…

Thanks for the thoughts guys. I’ll probably hold off until I have the next ‘set’ of stuff ready for 5*'s and then level them up. I did take my 2nd Jackal to 70. That was so worth it on purple titans and for AW.