Alliance Wars strategy help

What are the do’s and don’ts of the war?
I have 10 good heroes
10 not so good heroes(unleveled 4* heroes) and
10 bad heroes(unleveled 1-3* heroes).
Should I use weak heroes, mixed heroes or strong heroes for my defence team?

Have you already read Dante’s excellent instructions?


Defense should be as strong a team as you can muster. That’s not necessarily the strongest 5 heroes, but 5 solid heroes that work as a unit. Try to have at least one healer.

Offense I suggest you spread your best heroes around some. It’s a balance—you want a strong enough team to take out, or at least make a big dent in, a foe’s defense. But if you put all 10 of your heroes on two teams, the remaining teams probably won’t be able to do much damage.


Yes I read it and it’s great but it doesn’t really answered my question. Thanks Kerridoc, then I will use a good potion of tank heroes for the defence and spread the hitters to do as much as possible damage with every team.

Heroes on defense are also available for offense.

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Kerridoc gave you the answer.

Using whatever hero you want on defense will not affect that hero in any way should you use it on offense.

Is there a general recommendation for how many healers to take on each attack team? I have lots of healers and tend to take two per team except during healing wars. Then I want to strike fast and get out.

This last war I did terrible (attack boost) and realized I ventured away from my usual two healers per team.

I now find myself conflicted and scared about our next war. It’s an arrows war (I believe), so … one or two healers?

I’m open to lots of suggestions but also hope to get advice from @Kerridoc

Ideally I take two healers, preferably a “full” healer (e.g. Rigard, Vivica) and a half-healer (e.g. Boldtusk, Kiril). As you note, though, the flavor of Field Aid matters. Two healers against arrows, always. The kill’m-quick approach has merit in all cases, but if you get a poor starting board, healers give you time to recover.


You must have WAY more healers than I do. Only recently have I had enough that I can reliably put one on each war team. I also sometimes compromise by putting in a weaker hero just because they have a healing special skill.

I still occasionally get boxed into trotting out a team without any healer. On those occasions I work hard to try to get a few heal-adjacent functions; e.g., minions, spirit link, element link.

I have 10 fully leveled (most with emblems), 2 at third chevron and another BT not started yet

I’ve been playing for 22 months and prioritized healers right from the start.

I wanted the extra BT because he pairs so nicely with Wilbur (I have 2 of him).

My goal always was to have the option of being able to put two healers on every war attack team.

I like to do a 3 - 2 combo for war and then mono when I run out of other options. On my mono teams I’m usually reduced to just one healer most times.

A healer like Kashrek is even useful to help keep another healer alive for a bit longer.

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