Alliance Wars strategy help


What are the do’s and don’ts of the war?
I have 10 good heroes
10 not so good heroes(unleveled 4* heroes) and
10 bad heroes(unleveled 1-3* heroes).
Should I use weak heroes, mixed heroes or strong heroes for my defence team?


Have you already read Dante’s excellent instructions?


Defense should be as strong a team as you can muster. That’s not necessarily the strongest 5 heroes, but 5 solid heroes that work as a unit. Try to have at least one healer.

Offense I suggest you spread your best heroes around some. It’s a balance—you want a strong enough team to take out, or at least make a big dent in, a foe’s defense. But if you put all 10 of your heroes on two teams, the remaining teams probably won’t be able to do much damage.


Yes I read it and it’s great but it doesn’t really answered my question. Thanks Kerridoc, then I will use a good potion of tank heroes for the defence and spread the hitters to do as much as possible damage with every team.


Heroes on defense are also available for offense.


Kerridoc gave you the answer.

Using whatever hero you want on defense will not affect that hero in any way should you use it on offense.