Alliance wars still unfair


Please tell me how this is balanced? Their lowest player is 12levels above ours. How are we supposed to have a chance and keep team morale up?


To me, the alliance wars should work this way :

  • Teams should be matched according to a score depending on
    SCORE = The power of the 30 strongest heroes of each alliance member + 6 x The power of the 5 strongest troops of each alliance membre

  • And thats it ! You don’t take trophees into account or titan score, these have nothing to do with the overall power of an alliance

  • The matchmaking should allow a margin between 1000 and 2000 of the SCORE. I mean, a number sufficient to not create too big differences.

The goal of alliance wars should be to have fun in a team game and bring some strategic and necessary communication in order to be stronger than an opponent. The rewarded team is the one who was smarter strategicly.

At the moment this is not the case, the matchup is unfair and the losing team has 0 chance to do anything.

Please, try to modify alliance war matchmaking to make it an entertaining experience for everyone instead of creation tensions inside of alliances.

Thank you


Translated (Swedish): we have exactly the same problem :imp::imp::imp:
Many in our alliance will quit.


We’ve beaten several alliances with 10k more trophies.


I agree, the matchmaking is totally unfair. I joined my alliance over a year ago and I’m the only player left from that original group. I am now pushing level 51 but nobody else is more than level 40 - most are in the 15-30 range. But, because I have 6 teams that are all pretty strong it unbalances the matching. We have 22 of 30 slots filled, less than 50K alliance strength rating but constantly get 30 member alliances with alliance ratings of 60-70K as opponents and we get creamed everytime. This is getting so frustrating I’m losing players.
The matchmaking needs to take into account how many members an alliance has and what their strength ratings is as well as individual player strength.


As far as I know they only look at the power of the 30 strongest heroes for matchmaking. The current matchmaking process does not look at cups or titan score. So the current system is basically pretty much the system you want.

Still, one of the alliances I am in is getting his behind kicked twice a week. Last war we lost although our opponent had 5 players (out of 28) that did not even participate. Apparently this matchmaking is still very broken.

@Petri I think matchmaking should be done on a new player-based war-score. Somehow they keep trying to fix something that cannot be fixed. Please kick the current crappy matchmaking process out and make a good one!


Ok, while I’ll admit that a 20k difference in Alliance score is a bit extreme, I had the opportunity to visit with an Alliance during a war where they were outclassed by Just over 20k Difference in Alliance score. The inevitable complaints ensued the moment the team was revealed.

I did a quick glance over the membership of the opposing alliance and looked at their troops levels. A quick glance told me that, yes, they were more powerful but that’s not the only determining attribute in AW. Otherwise, why even fight the battles? Just simply compare the scores and announce the winner to save everyone time. Because it does not work that way.

I told them that the Alliance score was a really crappy measure of an Alliance strength and helped them become prepared for the War. We set the teams and played out a simple strategy. There was not time to get too complicated.

When the field opened, I did the statistical match up on a spreadsheet and the strength difference really wasn’t terrible. The opposition had a definite advantage, but the alignment of their teams was disjointed and disarrayed. Their attacks were frenetic and uncoordinated. We coordinated the attacks and ended up winning by a comfortable margin.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the Alliance score of the opposition. There are many factors that go into a battle. Just be as prepared as you can be and work together. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish.


I’m now in a mixed alliance that has a half a dozen 3400+ teams and the rest below 3k, several below 2k. We are always 10-20k lower on alliance score, and the opponents obviously on paper look unbeatable.

Yet, we win, every time (knock on wood), because we use almost all our hits and inevitably these other alliances don’t.

Pretty much what @Otto0000 said.


Just run a league,top 10(and every 10 thereafter)play each once.each league would last about a would be great fun and if your alliance gets stronger within that month you will play better teams next time.


I absolutely agree with this topic, in my alliance the strongest player is one with the strength of 3400, the remaining 23 people with forces of 1800-2600, and the opponents fall out much stronger for them for 5-10 players with a force of 3000-3500 and 10-15 with force 2000-3000 and how to win here, with all this even a bonus to health is very much hampered, respectively, because of these two problems it is impossible to win at all, it would be better to return the selection of the enemy in the war on the account of the alliance and remove the bonus of health,

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Hello Quazyx, do you have a proof of what you say ? Like a Small Giant message that confirms that matchmaking is only based on heroes strength ? Because i cannot find any consistent information about that. Only topics in the forum written by people like you and I.

I need to find a real proof.


Is this “proof” enough?


Yes, exactly this! And give us a way to understand the scoring system. I have yet to figure out


Trophies are not a factor for me. They shouldn’t be for matches either bc they can come and go really fast. I have had 1000 over me but I won the raid. Then I lost to ones whom had lower trophies


Our next war is agains an alliance that has only 5 players with less power than 3400. We have 10 with power more than 3400. This is not fair and the players want to just remove all the hero’s and not battle. It is impossible to win. The matching is not working.


They should use the power of the top 30 heroes because we need 30 heroes to do all 6 attacks. You can’t match a player with one team over 3000 with a player with 6 teams over 3000


That is exactly how wars are matched nowdays.
Every players 30 strongest heros, with more weight given to the 5 strongest.
That and number of members in the alliance.

Feel free to read how they have been and are tweaking AW matching here.


Something changed since last war. We were getting similar alliances until last war. Last was a little stronger. This one is a lot stronger. Impossible to win. People simply don’t want to loose time with the war.


We’ve also been steadily getting matched with stronger opponents each round. At least, looking at their roster they are stronger than we are. I’ve noticed that they don’t seem to have as deep of benches as we do. Many times they’re getting 0 points on hits when they reach flag 4 or 5 while we’re still getting noticeable points.

Since we’re an active alliance that is constantly leveling our heroes, we are also increasing our alliance war score. The current logic pairs you with an alliance near the same alliance war score. Since we are growing stronger, I anticipate to be paired against stronger alliances as well. This may be what you are experiencing.


Do you take into account how leveled up the heros are?