Alliance wars still unfair

Concordo plenamente com você. Injusto demais.
Já perdemos 3 guerras seguidas. As que ganhamos foi porque Boa parte dos adversários não atacaram.

Hi @Perseu, welcome to the forum! Can you post an English translation for us? It will be easier to read and respond to your message :slightly_smiling_face:

Again they are stopping me from posting the truth.

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SG keeps stopping my posts. Funny.

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And more are leaving.

We are very dissatisfied with the result of the pairings for the war. Only once did the adversary have power compatible with that of our alliance.
All other opponents were far superior. We only won wars where most of the opponents did not attack. Could you review this form of pairing?
We already have people thinking about quitting because of that.

We meet so strong alliance and war was very unfair for us.

We are having the
Same problem. Watch and see after the war is done. If they start learning their Alliance. They are only forming a new alliance so they can keep matching with lower Alliances. To me SG can fix this. But the question is will they.

They could be leaving to go mercing. In our alliance, if after the war there is a titan we aren’t killing, you may see up to 15 or so of us as ex-members as we go out mercing. It doesn’t affect our matching for the next war.

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Matchmaking is not and never will be perfect. There are just too many variables to take into account for that. And yes, there are ways to get around the war record penalty that some alliances are taking advantage of. One way being considered by devs to combat this is a personal war score that you carry with you.

My alliance has only met such an alliance once or twice – I guess we’ve been lucky. (Or we sit in that sweet spot maybe between dedicated alliances and noobs. We have a 41k war score with 17 participants.)

Unless this type of mismatch is happening all the time just chalk it up as a learning experience. You will likely lose 1/2 your wars (unless you’re 7DD or similar).

Nope not a excuse. We have found out they already have another Alliance already ready for them to join. They are also keeping their raid cups low. I know what merc is. There was some elites bragging on general chat (via a fellow alliance member).

We just were matched with another one. 2 in a row? Few and far between? Both were Russian Alliance’s.

Alliance Wars are completely unbalanced. Not only the matching making, but the constant battle field aid and Arrows we have to deal with on top of most teams seem to be Healer heavy. It is almost impossible to beat someone with three healers and the field aid/arrow barrage. I am at 3500 and I’m extremely lucky to beat someone 3000 or below.
The balance needs to be looked into, If they are going to continue using the Field Aid and Arrow Barrage then at least allow the offense to use 1 battle item, even if its a low level low one

Welcome Butters1 - yes, Alliance Wars are unfair, made worse with the player history inclusion.

If you’re wanting to win wars consistently, keep joining losing alliances. Ideally where war chest is 24/25. Takes time to hunt around- but you find them in the end. Because the alliance lost- the game will allow The alliance to win the next.

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O dis thread still alive and well.

Yeah, my alliance lost our last war. Not because the opponent did anything naughty, they were just way freaking stronger than us. As usual. Majority of our opponents usually are.

Aww TGW, you always complaining about nothing. What, you upset because one of your opponents had a Telluria and you didn’t, so you think the whole war algorithm is automatically against you?

Um. No. If all they had was a couple Tellys, I would have been completely fine with that. No biggie, we’ve faced (and beaten) far worse than that before.

I done this before and people on forum be like “ooh well that does look a bit unbalanced now that you mention it…”

So I do it again.

9 v. 9 war


Us: 4697
Them: 5825


Us: 0
Them: 1


Us - Them

67 - 66
55 - 65
48 - 58
39 - 56
38 - 55
33 - 55
33 - 50
31 - 45
31 - 45


Us : Them

41.6 : 55


Us - Them

4302 - 4530
4242 - 4530
4173 - 4356
4143 - 4296
3891 - 4280
3804 - 4237
3708 - 4133
3643 - 3983
3609 - 3963


Us : Them

3946 : 4256

Yah. Okay. Fair war, rite?


EDIT: this is 100% accurate. I know it looks like I’m making it up. But I can provide screenshots as proof in case anyone doubts my numbers.

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As i stated our last war was unbalanced and we win by a margin of 1000 with 9+ unused flags.
I felt bad for the opposing team as we were in their position previous war.

The issue get worse since the last update and it needs urgent attention. It is killing the game…

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I quite like taking 25 attempts to fill the war chest. Yay. Fun.

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Our war we crushed it. Everyone enabled beast mode before matchup. Most don’t know about that feature.

Top tip- coordinate the defenses- it numbs the pain

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My teams are always beast mode. No other way could our level 30-somethings one shot a 4500+ defense (yes that actually happened).

Didn’t matter tho. We still lost.


Coordinated defense only works if everyone on the team has top heroes in every color.

My team does not have that luxury.

But anyway. Just wanted to reply here and thank you for the like.

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