Alliance wars still unfair

I know I just wanted to start a fight lol

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Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for that :joy::rofl::smile:

I don’t know the specifics, but in the release notes ages ago when it changed from pairing by defense team, it said now it’s paired by the strongest heroES in everyone’s roster, which I always took to mean the top 30 in everyone’s roster, since each player gets to use up to 30 heroes. It may be fewer, but it’s definitely not “one” per person.

And sometimes when we were paired with teams that seemed to have average power more than us, it turned out that each of them only had 2 or 3 strong teams to hit with, whereas we all had 5 or 6 apiece.

Additionally, you’re paired not only by hero strength, but by how well you do in wars.

I’m actually really impressed how well we’re matched with other teams. But remember, as you win more, your war score goes up, and you’ll be matched with an opponent with a similar score. But an alliance where everyone’s got stronger teams than you but not everyone hits might have a very similar war score.


I think they should do away with the arrow barrages, then even if my heroes are a total strength of 1700 against 3100, I have a chance because I can strategize with my heroes abilities and in Alliance war game play, we are not suffering any time limits.

I vote do away with arrow barrage!!
Whose with me?!

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I so strongly agree with you 100% .

Oh but you are. You clearly have never been engaged in a death match, tiles vs tiles, healer/hero vs healer/hero with field aid and you see that unholy clock counting down in the top left hand corner of the screen toward 0:00:00. It is a matter of 15 or 20 minutes (EDIT: the clock tells you when you have 5 minutes remaining) but it is very real and as long as the defense has one hero alive when it reaches zero, they are awarded the win. It matters not what you have left, the computer knows you did not achieve outright victory (total annihilation of the defence) in the required or allocated time frame. I have both lost in this circumstance and won with 25 seconds remaining.


Arrrgh the horrible memories. That one war where I faced a Melendor on wing and only had Rigard left. WHY WON’T THE PURPLE GEMS LINE UP PROPERLY?


You should see me, it must be hysterical to watch; I try to make my tiles slide sideways by tipping the screen and generally look like a madman…


Reminds me of the times I hold up my left hand to shield my heroes from the attack. It doesn’t work, by the way :grin:


my topic is about selecting an adversary in a war and how to solve the problem of fair selection.
A big request to the developers. Enter the strength of the defense team and the level of players in the selection parameters. A lot of complaints and a lot of injustice in the selection of alliance wars.

I would like to stop the bullying of small alliances. My example.
Of the six fights, 4 were lost. 2 won due to the non-appearance of enemy players. 2 of the last war is horror at the maximum level 28 of the enemy’s level 49. In the last war, 41. The developers are fair ???

How are alliances matched?

I AM 28,27 ,26,26,26

Are player levels part of the matchmaking?

Lots of discussion on Alliance War matchmaking over here:

Including the very subject of using player levels.

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I want to take into account. Made such a wish

It is necessary to change the selection system.
Topic about it

Taking into account player level will lead to worse match-ups as discussed in the linked thread (which, my bad, I thought was in the Ideas category). Player level really is a poor indicator of a player’s strength in the game.

Why is it necessary? You have a 5-player alliance. There are most likely fewer 5-player alliances than 30-player alliances meaning fewer similar alliances to yours to be matched to. That leads to more problems with matchmaking, which was likely designed around 30-player alliances.


Lol and the thread has ran it’s course

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LOL wishful thinking @Rigs?

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