Alliance wars still unfair


I like this meathod and it worked well. I would like to voice my support for tiers. This last war we had full opponents in 2700 range and I’m the highest member at 2536. Neither side had 100% participation but we still loss horribly


Previously to the new algorithm we had very good matchups. since the change we only had two good wars that we lose both for less than 100 points the others we won 2 easy and lost 2 by a good range. I think the win/loss weight in the beginning are not working very well.


Funny because now everyone is coming here saying that they had better to good matchups with the old system when the reason they changed it is because everyone was complaining that matchup was unfair.

Like I have said before only the losers complain and your always going to have a garantee 50% of those no matter how many times you change the system.

Lol, cheers


Since you can only use a hero one time in war why not make it to where you can only use your defense team for three flags then you have to set a new defense team for the second set of flags. That or you should be able to use the heroes again for the second set of flags. This should make it more interesting and fair


This has already been suggested multiple times. Look under short list to see the thread or threads discussing it.


Watch this clip and tell me if it is fairly matched.

What I see here is probably one of the reasons that contribute to AW’s matching you up against far stronger opponents.

Although they have the same amount of members they have many teams which will not participate in the AW making the TP matchup coming mostly from the far stronger teams which makes up the difference in TP scores resulting in coming up against what is suppose to be a far matchup.

Anyway this clips shows it all.
Once it had started I will make another clip showing the actual team turnout.


I had to change my search apparently lol I had searched in the short list for hours and to be honest this was the closest convo I was able to find. I did do another search this morning a little different and it is a bit different and so I will check on that. If you have one that you know that you can share it should be much appreciated


Ok as promised here is the results.

Yes of cause we where slaughtered.


That was amazing. @Leebrind so I can bookmark this for my alliance to see.


So here we are again… We had a couple close wars. We didn’t win both but it was a fight the whole time which is fun. We get in the next after an update and we are getting absolutely hammered. Most of my alliance is not strong enough to take on the defense. I’m not after one team goes. How is having to face a team you can’t touch a fair matchup? I don’t care how many flags they use if I can’t scratch them with offense.


AW’s have become so unfair since the update that every single member of my allience has threatened to leave the allience (and we are a very strong allience friends wise) if I don’t opt out for good.

Where before the update we where winning most and losing some which was fine, great etc, since the update the opponents are so strong and over power out TP’s by 500 plus but not only that but where more than 50% are to strong for any of us.

The last war by half time, we had to give up playing ad there was point in continuing because even if we killed them all which was totally impossible we would not of had enough points to beat them.

We have won the ladt 4 AW’s and every opponents we get after every loss is stro get than the last, HOW IS THAT EVEN MAKING ANY SENSE? this AW our strongest members strongest team has 3500tp with the next o e down at 3200tp, 3 at around 3000tp and the rest at below 2900tp and our opponents are the first 8 teams at over 3500tp with 2 over 3800 and one nearly on 4000tp with the rest their allience being between 2800 and 3400tp. HOW ON THIS EARTH DID THEY EVER GET MATCHED UP WITH US when we have lost every AW bar 1 since the update.

I scared to lose this because I am afraid at this rate our next opponents will all be over 4000tp.

Really I said it 100 times during the discussions before the update and I will say it again, (and don’t come reply I g to me that actual hero effectiveness has changed because I am aware of that point) but what has changed by the TP score being reduced is you get stronger heros brought down in to scores now capable of going up against far weaker teams.

RAIDS; For example, 1) I never get to see a reroll where the TP is the same or lower (lower doesn’t exist anymore) with the average team being some 300 to 800tp stronger than me. 2) getting raided; never have I been raided by a team with less than 300tp stronger than me and going up to 3950tp a few times.
Now how is it these players are rerolling opponent far weaker than them and I can’t get one with less than 300tp stronger than me.

This has made things and this game a complete joke and done nothing more than turn me off playing and my allience feels the same way and as they frequently visit the chat rooms they tell me that 70% of players are thinking of or want to do the same once their is full.

I gave the update a chance and as I stated before it’s release I would be fair and not judge it giving it time BUT all time is doing is making it worse and worse with every new AW session.

Of cause the usual winners won’t complain and I will get the usual regs on here telling me I am wrong but I have taken clips and will keep doing so including towards the end of this AW game and posting on utube so you can see that what I say is correct and not just a made up cooment.

If this keeps up the amount of players that are flossing interest will grow rapidly as there arecakways other games out there.


@Ozy1 Are there 2 people that have access to your forum account? (This is a serious question - not joking, etc.). I ask as recently your posts have been well-thought-out, but this last post looks like you posts pre-namechange. The writing style looks different.

Again, just wondering and not criticizing :grinning:


I had my name changed on the forum, cheers


Update, what is fair about all this matchmaking and how dies it even get to be said it’s even slightly fair.
Hero’s Them. Us
5* 35. 12
FL 5* 19. 1
4* 56. 75
3* 19. 30

TO-3500tp. 5. 1
TO-3200tp. 13. 5
TO- 3000tp. 14. 10

TO = (teams over) and FL = ( fully leveled)
Only about 4hrs into the game and only half them teams they have completely wiped us out bar 1 team nearly tripling total scores with them at 1300 and us at only 500

And this a team we where matched up with after lossing our last 3 AW’s getting 1 win and lossing the 3 before it. So basically after loosing 5 AW’s out of 6 you get matched up against incomprehensible odds.

Our allience has just given up as we will be fighting 2nd half (all if us) mostly with unleveled 3* to make up the 30 hero count and what hope do we have to even make a dent.

NOTE; this is only based on what they are using as defense in this AW, I did a count of the normal defense playing fields and they have 38x5* heros there compared to our 9 and if they have fully leveled teams of 5*'s on display the God knows what they have in the background that we can’t see.

I did a battle going in a 3250 strong team against one if there 3500+ teams, my health on 4 of my heros was over 1000 with one at over 1300 and 4 of my heros for shot down in one hit by their 3rd attack, the game lasted no more than 20secs. Totally ridiculous.

Anyway that’s the update on the reason why my allience who loves to play this game and always looked forward to working as a team when AW’s came around NOW don’t want anything to do it and are starting to look at others games we could all go partake in as a group because we have become good friends.

E&P has taken the first steps into lossing it.


Now thats actually quite strange and not what I experience.
What is the war score of the 2 alliances ?


With 8hrs to go they are 2681 at 73 hits and we are at 1369 at 87 hits.

And thier still coming almost wiping us out a 2nd time.


I think I’m seeing teams sandbag flags. Only using what they need to win. This has them staying in a lower war score for flags used. The war we are in now has a close war score but they are way over our TP score. How is it we don’t get the bonus our way? We seem to pull these teams. We haven’t won since the update, had a couple close wars (I thought but didn’t think about sandbagging aspect) and we still draw a team way out of our league…


I sometimes do that in an uneven match, because I hate kicking puppies. Today I’m doing it because it’s hard to take a war seriously when my opponent is level 60, has a full 5* raid defense team, and fields two 4* heroes as defense for the war.


As far as I know how many flags you use should have no influence on the war score. Winning high or just by a few points does not make a difference for the war score of the alliance.


Final end of war score is 3148 for them and 2000 for us.