Alliance wars still unfair


The opponent had 9 flags.

in my opinion does not affect points.

The fact that the scoring is close is that our defense team is the only one.

may have affected this situation


You cannot control what your opponent does. You can control what you do. Your alliance had 13 unused flags. That’s 13 missed opportunities for points. It’s hard to take complaints about unfairness in a match seriously when everything was not done to win the match. First make use of all of your flags. Handle what you can do to win the match, then worry about fairness.


In fact, we had a fairly even match here, considering you were 13 flags short and we were 9 flags short. In my opinion, this was an example of a pretty good matching. And a good fight :slight_smile:


I like this meathod and it worked well. I would like to voice my support for tiers. This last war we had full opponents in 2700 range and I’m the highest member at 2536. Neither side had 100% participation but we still loss horribly


Previously to the new algorithm we had very good matchups. since the change we only had two good wars that we lose both for less than 100 points the others we won 2 easy and lost 2 by a good range. I think the win/loss weight in the beginning are not working very well.


Funny because now everyone is coming here saying that they had better to good matchups with the old system when the reason they changed it is because everyone was complaining that matchup was unfair.

Like I have said before only the losers complain and your always going to have a garantee 50% of those no matter how many times you change the system.

Lol, cheers


Since you can only use a hero one time in war why not make it to where you can only use your defense team for three flags then you have to set a new defense team for the second set of flags. That or you should be able to use the heroes again for the second set of flags. This should make it more interesting and fair


This has already been suggested multiple times. Look under short list to see the thread or threads discussing it.


Watch this clip and tell me if it is fairly matched.

What I see here is probably one of the reasons that contribute to AW’s matching you up against far stronger opponents.

Although they have the same amount of members they have many teams which will not participate in the AW making the TP matchup coming mostly from the far stronger teams which makes up the difference in TP scores resulting in coming up against what is suppose to be a far matchup.

Anyway this clips shows it all.
Once it had started I will make another clip showing the actual team turnout.


I had to change my search apparently lol I had searched in the short list for hours and to be honest this was the closest convo I was able to find. I did do another search this morning a little different and it is a bit different and so I will check on that. If you have one that you know that you can share it should be much appreciated


Ok as promised here is the results.

Yes of cause we where slaughtered.


That was amazing. @Leebrind so I can bookmark this for my alliance to see.


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